Etsy Christmas Gifts Focus Heats Up

As the holidays approach, Etsy has been making headlines about their behind-the-scenes operations and focus on the perfect handmade holiday gifts. Over the past few months, Etsy has also been in the headlines for Net Neutrality.

About the Net Neutrality issue, the Washington Post quoted the Etsy CEO, Chad Dickerson, as saying, "We've heard from our sellers that they don't want Internet toll lanes because they depend on the Internet to run their businesses."

Etsy has been known for loyalty to their sellers and has been praised in the media for providing offline shops that participate on their website with tools to intrigue holiday shoppers. The free credit card reader from Etsy allowed the sellers to take money from customers on their smartphones.

Caravan of Style picks their top favorite Etsy gifts for Christmas.
Caravan of Style picks their top favorite Etsy gifts for Christmas.

On the other hand, some sellers on Etsy are not happy about a set of recent changes Etsy has made. After eight years of using the same policies, Etsy made changes over the fall of 2014 to several of their guidelines. One that sparked major debate in the forums was the Multiple Shop Policy.

In the Etsy forums, sellers say the end of multiple shops is not necessarily a bad thing.

Chris from CopperLeafStudios stated, "This is clearly aimed at duplicate shops trying to game the search results, which happens way too often. I suspect the 'same or similar' is to prevent those sellers from doing minor edits to their photos to 'comply.'"

A Cut Above The Retsy blogs about their Etsy Christmas wish list.
A Cut Above the Retsy blogs about their Etsy Christmas wish list.

On the front lines of the webpage, Etsy has shifted their focus to their "Treasury" customer wish list pages as the holiday shopping season approaches. At the Etsy Treasury page, customers can "curate" collections of their favorite Etsy items or look at what others have chosen. Etsy helps customers browsing the curated Treasury lists by having "Christmas Trends" as a visible tag.

Outside of the Etsy Treasury collections that have a Christmas focus, websites curate their own Etsy Christmas gift "best of" or "top 10" articles. Each article has their own angle for an Etsy Christmas "must have" gift list, but most of these lists reflect the author's personal favorites.

Click On Detroit focused their article on how to shop locally in Michigan on the Etsy website. Etsy-inspired blog, A Cut Above the Retsy, published their wish list to include sellers Art by Lola, Red Hand Gang, and Love Jules. Caravan of Style listed some of their favorite Etsy Christmas gift sellers as Lampshade Bash and Talula Christian.

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