Apollo Nida Begs Phaedra Parks To See Sons, RHOA Star Refuses

Apollo Nida is begging estranged wife, Phaedra Parks, to bring the couple’s sons to prison to see him, but the Real Housewives of Atlanta star is not having it. Parks is standing by her decision to not allow the couple’s young sons to visit Nida, and she is not even answering Nida’s calls.

Contrary to Apollo Nida’s previous claims that he and wife Phaedra Parks are reconciling, and he will see his kids while in prison, he now claims Parks is ignoring his pleas to see his young sons, or even talk to the boys on the phone. According to Hollywood Life, Nida has attempted to reach out to Parks numerous times just so he can talk to the couple’s sons on the phone, but Parks is not answering Apollo’s calls. In a desperate attempt to reach his sons, Nida has asked Peter Thomas to tell his sons their dad loves them and “can’t wait to be home one day and play football with them.”

Apollo insists he is heartbroken over Phaedra’s refusal to allow him to speak or see his kids, a source tells Hollywood life.

“He got a little choked up on the phone and told Peter to make sure he tells his boys that because ‘Phaedra won’t bring them here and she don’t pick up the phone. I miss my children, man. I’ll do anything to see them, anything. I just want to see my sons.”

Although Phaedra Parks herself has yet to comment on Nida’s latest claims, a source close to the RHOA star says Phaedra will never allow the kids see Apollo in prison.

“Phaedra’s made up her mind and will not allow her children to visit Apollo in jail. Not now, not ever…she doesn’t want to see his face and despite her knowing in her heart that her boys need their father, she can’t allow her boys to see their father in the condition he’s in.”

Phaedra not answering Apollo’s calls or pleas for visitation with the couple’s sons is inconsistent with Nida’s reconciliation claims just days ago in which he stated that he and Phaedra were working on reconciling while’s in prison, and a visit with his sons is “in the works.”

Nida is currently serving eight years in prison for a fraudulent scheme in which he stole millions of dollars from at least 50 people. This is Apollo Nida’s second prison stint, as he previously served five years for auto title fraud.

[Photo courtesy of Wilford Harewood/Bravo]