Bizarre Naked Rampage And Assault At Boston Airport

Logan International Airport was the scene of a bizarre incident involving a naked man, a woman’s restroom, and an 84-year-old.

It all started around noon on Saturday, when a woman in the ladies’ restroom in Terminal C reported that a naked man had fallen through the ceiling tiles and landed on the floor inside one of the stalls, according to the Boston Globe.

The Massachusetts State Police report that the man, identified as 26-year-old Cameron Shenk, entered the ladies restroom, stripped down completely naked, and proceeded to climb into the drop ceiling, as reported by Crime Feed.

Shenk’s fall from the ceiling resulted in several cuts to his head and body. Shenk then went into a wild rampage, running naked and bleeding from the restroom, grabbed and assaulted an innocent bystander, who happened to be an 84-year-old man.

State Police spokesperson Dave Procopio told the Boston Globe, “He assaulted the elderly man, bit the man on the ear causing laceration to ear, and then began choking the man with the elderly man’s own cane.”

Troopers arrived at the scene, and one trooper sustained injuries while the authorities struggled to bring Shenk into state police custody. Shenk was not going down without a fight.

Procopio tells Boston Globe that Shenk has numerous charges against him, including “attempted murder, assault and battery on a police officer, assault and battery on a person over 60, and a lewd and lascivious act and malicious destruction of property over $250.”

Before landing behind bars, Shenk had to be treated at Massachusetts General Hospital for the injuries he sustained during his fall from the ceiling. The 84-year-old victim was also taken to a hospital for treatment of his ear injuries, as did the trooper Shenk attacked.

Police are still trying to determine Shenk’s motive behind his malicious and odd behavior.

The incident with Shenk was not the only action that took place at Logan International Airport that day. Earlier that same morning, there was also a security scare when the son of former baseball player Curt Schilling left a toy grenade in his carry-on luggage, as reported by the Boston Globe.

Schilling began tweeting about the experience at 7:26 a.m. stating, “Start your day with this. Going through airport security. Son says ‘DAD! I think I left a fake grenade in my bag.'”

That can’t be a good thing. Schilling continued to post on Twitter about the incident, according to the Boston Globe, although he did not name the son involved.

“15 TSA agents are on their walkie talkies. Police show up and everyone in line is shooed 50 yards away. Police, TSA could not… have been cooler once they realized what was happening.”

Let the holiday traveling begin.

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