Mother Found: Police Interview Mother Of The Sydney Newborn That Was Dropped Down A Drain

A helpless newborn baby was found down a drain along the Sydney motorway on Sunday. As reported by the Inquisitr, the baby was only found after a group cyclists heard his cries and called the Sydney police department. After gathering support, a team of six people removed the 440-pound slab covering the drain. Rescuers climbed down the 2.5 meter deep drain to retrieve the tightly-bound newborn baby boy.

According to Fox News, Inspector David Lagats feared the worse for the newborn.

“With the help of the bystanders en masse, we managed to lift this quite heavy concrete slab up to get the police down there to the baby. We thought the worst but the baby was still alive.”

Fox News reports that the police are investigating the possibility that the newborn had been in the drain since Tuesday. However, the New Zealand Herald reports that the newborn is estimated to be only 2- or 3-days-old. He had no signs of physical injury, but was extremely malnourished. The baby remain in serious, but stable condition at Sydney’s Westmead Children’s Hospital.

After checking hospital records and some door knocking, the mother, a 30-year-old woman from Quakers Hill, has been found and is in police custody. She was taken to Balcktown Police station in Western Sydney and is being questioned. Her identity has not been release. She faces a possible charge of attempted murder.

Mark McAlister, one of the officers who rescued the newborn, asked the question on everyone’s mind, “How could someone do it? I, myself, have kids and we’re expecting a baby in a few more months so it’s not good that someone’s going through this and has done this to a little one.”

Lisa Charet, Western Sydney’s director of Family and Community Services, states that is was most likely desperation that drove the mother to push her newborn down into the drain.

“Often when this sort of thing happens, people are in a place of desperation. There has been cases where mothers have had postnatal depression or those issues or are very young and don’t know where to go to for help. You have to be in a fairly desperate place to commit this sort of act and so that’s where we would rather people come forward and get the support that they need.”

As police conduct their investigation, new details will come to light. Perhaps the world will find out the reason this Sydney mother left her newborn in a storm drain.