Boy Wakes Up From Coma After Surviving 225-Foot Fall [Video]

Miracles do still happen! A 4-year-old boy in California has awakened from his induced coma after falling 225-feet from a seaside cliff, landing on a rocky seashore below. His fall, according to ABC News, was the equivalent to a fall from a 23-story building.

Sebastian Johnson is proving to be one tough little boy and a fighter. The New York Daily News reports that Sebastian was on a hiking adventure the afternoon of November 10 with his parents and his 7-year-old sister at Bodega Bay, California. The boy was simply throwing rocks over the cliff into the ocean alongside his mom, Jamie Guglielmino.

Suddenly, Sebastian’s footing became unstable, causing him to get too close to the edge of the cliff. As his mother saw him start to fall, she did everything she could to grab him, but she couldn’t stop her precious little boy from falling off the side of the cliff.

Sebastian’s father, Daryl Johnson, recalls the tragic moment as he describes his thoughts to ABC News.

“He just misstepped and the ground gave and he just flew right down. The incident that happened was my worst nightmare.”

The cliff at Bodega Bay where Sebastian fell.

His family feared he had fallen into the rough waters below, but the New York Daily News reports that he was discovered by a firefighter who rappelled down the cliff to Sebastian’s rescue. Firefighter Marcos Barros found Sebastian awake and crying, a few feet from the shoreline, according to ABC News.

“He wasn’t really talking, but I said, you know, ‘If you like Spider-man or superheroes, you know, just try and think of them,’ and just tried to keep him awake and moaning.”

Sebastian was rushed to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, where physicians placed him in an induced coma in order to prevent him from going into shock.

Jamie Guglielmino told ABC News her son received numerous injuries, including two broken hips, a fractured leg, a broken arm and jaw, head injuries, and possible brain damage. So it is a true miracle that this 4-year-old boy opened his eyes and woke up on his own.

His dad said, “He woke up by himself. He opened his eyes and started looking around.”


Sebastian’s mom, Jamie, recalls to ABC News the moment her son came out of the coma.

“All he knows is that he’s in pain and mommy’s there. He looks at me… I can tell in his eyes, like, ‘Where am I mommy?’ He’s definitely in the arms of angels right now. It’s been real touch and go, but he’s on the road to recovery.”

According to the New York Daily News, doctors aren’t certain how long Sebastian will need to remain in the hospital.

“They want to make sure there’s no brain damage,” Johnson said. “But there are no signs. I haven’t heard of anything yet.”

The family is very optimistic regarding Sebastian’s full recovery, especially his mom, as reported by ABC News.

“He’s very stubborn and a little fighter. That’s why I’m a proud of him.”

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