Prince William Helps Rescue Russian Sailors From Sinking Ship

When he isn’t busy being all royal Prince William can be found rescuing sailors from sinking ships off the coast of Wales. That’s the scenario that played out this week when the military man and his fellow helicopter troops saved two Russian sailors from a sinking vessel.

The Prince and his fellow soldiers arrived on the seen where The Swanland and it’s haul of 3000 tonnes worth of limestone was taking on water after it’s hull cracked due to bad weather conditions. Lt. William Wales was co-piloting the helicopter that was part of the search-and-rescue team that airlifted the pair to a base in Anglesey.

Rescuers were able to recover the two men however five more are still missing at sea and one sailors body was recovered close to the scene of the sunken ship.

According to a spokesman for the coast guard:

“We know that at least some of them are wearing immersion suits and have strobe lighting with them, however, sea conditions are challenging at best.”

While it’s just another day in the life of a search-and-rescue team the scenario shows that Prince William isn’t just a poster boy for the countries military efforts.

[Image via Damian Herde /]