December 2, 2020
Jon Bon Jovi Tickles The Ivories With A Cheery Christmas Tune

Jon Bon Jovi took to the piano and played a cheery Christmas tune, to the delight of his 796,000 Instagram followers who enjoyed his short rendition of the holiday classic, "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee uploaded the clip as a way to spread some holiday cheer and to connect with his fans. Although a late joiner to social media, Jon has taken advantage of the platform and realizes its reach whenever he wants to make an important statement or share what he feels is an unforgettable moment in time.

In the 10-second clip, Jon appeared to perform in his home. On top of the sleek, black top of the stunning musical instrument was a photograph of his family, which could be seen as the camera quickly panned across the keyboard to the musician. On the opposite side, in a silver frame, was a smaller image.

The piano sat on the golden center of an area rug which was trimmed in brown and cream tones.

Jon wore a black baseball cap over his salt-and-pepper hair, which was worn a bit long on his neck. He also sported a dark-colored jacket which appeared to have a zipper opening. The topper was worn slightly open with the collar pulled up.

One of the first to joyfully comment on the musical post was his son, Jesse, who runs the wine company Hampton Water. He wrote the name Santa in all caps, followed by a series of emoji of the jolly elf.

Other fans were thrilled by Jon's skill at the instrument.

"I love it when you're playing the piano. And the harmonica!" noted one follower.

"I'm so excited about new Christmas songs! Happy December to you and the amazing family," wrote a second fan.

"Sing us some Christmas songs. One of my favorite times seeing you and I've seen a lot of your concerts, was at The Count Basie Theater Christmas concert in New Jersey. It was amazing," claimed a third Instagram user.

"My Christmas is only complete with Bon Jovi," penned a fourth fan.

This is not the first time Jon has played holiday songs for his fans. Just one remake of the song "Please Come Home for Christmas" was released in 1992. It has become a standard during the festive season. The song was a remake of a tune by The Eagles and featured a music video in which Jon and model Cindy Crawford cuddled in a sequence of romantic vignettes.