15-Pound Florida Dachshund Saves Family From Being Attacked By 200-Pound Bear

A 15-pound Dachshund is being hailed a hero, after it came to the rescue of a mother and child who were about to be attacked by a 200-pound black bear. The incident happened last Monday in Eustis, Florida, reports KSTP News.

The dachshund, Daisy, was inside the home of her owner when the bear attack took place. Krystal Long, the lady identified as the owner of the dog, was unloading grocery items from her car inside the garage when the bear walked right in to the garage without warning. The bear was apparently attracted by the smell of the groceries Krystal had in her car. Seeing the bear come in, Krystal instinctively screamed for help. The commotion from within the garage attracted the attention from her 6-year-old son, who came out of the house — unaware of the presence of the bear. Luckily for him, their dachshund also came out of the house along with him.

Upon seeing the bear, Daisy did not show signs of any fear, and went straight for the bear. Of course, the 15-pound dog was obviously no match for the 200-pound bear. However, the attack on the bear let Krystal grab some time. She got hold of a gas can that she found inside the garage and hurled it at the bear. In the meantime, Daisy managed to run towards safety and hid underneath a truck. The bear, startled by the attack, decided to run away.

Daisy the dachshund after the bear attack

After it was safe to get out, Krystal went to check on Daisy, only to find her seriously injured. The dog was taken to a veterinary hospital where it was found that she had sustained broken ribs and many lacerations. Dozens of stitches were needed as well. Daisy had to undergo two operations to repair the damage the bear attack had left on her.

Owners of Daisy have set up a GoFundMe account in order to seek donations so that they can pay for her veterinary bills, reports ABC 13. While the fund has managed to reach the target of $4,000 that was originally intended, donations are still being accepted.

“Words can’t express my gratitude to her for saving our lives. She is my dachshund hero!!! Please pray for her recovery,” Long says in the GoFundMe post.

Daisy is now back home from the vet and is recuperating in the presence of her family members.

The news about Daisy comes just days after the Inquisitr reported about the case of yet another brave dog that took on a bear. In that incident, a 30-pound guard dog had the audacity to take on a 1,000-plus pound polar bear — and actually scared the bear away!

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