Joey McIntyre Weighs In On Wahlburgers: ‘They Have Their Own Vibe’

Joey McIntyre was once the youngest kid in New Kids On The Block. But decades beyond the height of the 80s boy band’s popularity, McIntyre is in his 40s and starring in his own sitcom, The McCarthys.

He’s also speaking out about Wahlburgers, the restaurant chain owned by former bandmate Donnie Wahlberg and his brothers, Paul and Mark. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, McIntyre had high praise for the restaurant.

“They’re really good! They’re delicious. You’re in L.A.—they’ve got kind of an In-N-Out feel but they have their own vibe to it. And their big thing is government cheese and it’s cheesy, kind-of-bad-for-you cheese, which makes the burger really good. And most of them have bars, so it’s a burger joint with a full bar and what’s better than that?”

Wahlburgers likes to promote the use of government cheese in its burgers, as the restaurant tweeted out a picture of a sample menu offering earlier this year.

Those who need a refresher on government cheese can read a blog post written by Denene Millner on Parenting, about that part of her childhood.

“It’s the cheese I remember — a congealed, yellowy-orange block in non-descript paper, with, I think, blue writing. You needed the might of Solomon to cut through it, it was so thick. All I could manage were chunks — never firm slices. No, the slices — they were for people who could afford the good stuff. Our cheese came from the food stamp program — the government-run agency for poor families who couldn’t afford to feed themselves without help.”

The Wahlbergs have been open about their rough upbringing, which led to some chiding of McIntyre, which he also spoke about with EW. He said he went home crying some nights while the band was performing.

“Whatever — they’re from Dorchester [Mass.] and I was in from a middle-class home in Jamaica Plain, it was like a world of difference. And I have seven older sisters instead of seven older brothers, so I was very sensitive. And it was fine. Boys will be boys — and I was an emotional one.”

McIntyre also spilled on his ideal BigMcIntyre — a cheeseburger with baloney instead of bacon on an onion roll. No french fries, only Fritos.

Last week, McIntyre tweeted a note of appreciation for his present coworkers, the cast of The McCarthys.

The McCarthys airs Thursdays on CBS.

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