John Calipari Wishes His Daughter Happy Birthday On Wrong Day

John Calipari is a legend in the world of coaching basketball, and he always has a lot on his mind. The University of Kentucky men’s basketball head coach has to constantly learn the names of new players and plays and sets, but he always seems to remember them and what needs to be done to win.

It’s too bad that Coach Cal can’t remember his own daughter’s birthday.

Per ESPN, Calipari hopped on Twitter and decided to wish his daughter a Happy Birthday via the world of social media, but he made one small mistake. He wished her a happy birthday on the wrong day.

Mind you, it was a really sweet gesture and something that was very kind of John Calipari to do. It’s obvious he has a lot going on and a really busy schedule, but he still takes time to call attention to his family. Now, if only his secretary or assistant would have kept him up to date on exactly when Megan Calipari’s birthday was. Don’t worry, his child let him, and the world, know of the mistake.

As ABC News pointed out, Megan’s birthday is on November 23, not November 22. It’s been 25 years and Coach Cal simply needed a reminder.

He has a good point. John Calipari and the top-ranked Kentucky Wildcats played four games in seven days. The good news for Cal is that his number one team is 4-0 through that quick stretch, and he’s doing it with a crop of young players and returning starters. Calipari kept things light though and rolled with it.

The “two platoons” that Calipari speaks of are two groups of five players that could start for any university in the country. He has a blue platoon and a white platoon that alternate in and out throughout the game, and they crush opponents with an offensive strategy that is unlike any that most people have ever seen.

Still, John Calipari won’t need to worry about remembering Megan’s birthday for another year, but he’s still got a long season ahead of him. Combine that with the pressure of many already saying his squad could go undefeated, and Calipari needs to clear his head.

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