NBA Lockout Ends: 2012 Season to Start Dec. 25

Come December 25th, some hoop fans will have more than one reason to celebrate as the NBA season is scheduled to kick off on the same day as the commemoration of the Savior’s birth.

On Friday (Nov. 25), NBA players and owners met and discussed options for nearly 15 hours before finally making a deal that will end the 149-day old NBA lockout and launch a free agency and training camp frenzy so the season can begin on Christmas Day.

“We have reached a tentative understanding,” NBA commissioner David Stern confirmed during a press conference at 3:30 am that followed the lengthy negotiating session in Manhattan. “We’re optimistic that the NBA season will come to pass on Dec. 25, Christmas Day, with a triple-header.”

According to the Stern, the 2011-2012 NBA regular season would consist of 66 scheduled game kicked off by Christmas Day trio of match-ups that feature 6 of the top teams from the previous season: Boston Celtics at the New York Knicks; Miami Heat at the Dallas Mavericks; and Chicago Bulls at the Los Angeles Lakers.

“We thought it was in both of our best interests to try to reach a resolution and save the game,” union executive director Billy Hunter was quoted as saying by Fox News.

While specific details of the agreement have yet to be released, the Daily News reports that the players already had basically agreed to a 50-50 split, meaning they would face a $300 million annual paycut.

Despite facing slightly lighter pockets in the upcoming season, the majority of the players seemed relieved that the Lockout had ended, allowing them to get back to doing what they do best – play basketball.

“All I feel right now is ‘finally,'” Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade told The Associated Press.

Are you excited that the NBA Lockout has finally ended?

via Ny Daily news