JFK Assassination Theories 51 Years Later, Was Oswald The Lone Gunman?

The events surrounding the JFK assassination 51 years ago today have led to hundreds of conspiracy theories. The big question, which remains unanswered, is whether Lee Harvey Oswald was actually the man who killed President Kennedy in Dallas.

Why is JFK’s assassination so controversial? There are several reasons for all the conspiracy theories, including the fact that, over the years, the Secret Service has been accused of dropping the ball because they let the president and Mrs. Kennedy ride with the top down when they drove by all those high rises.

Considering the animosity Kennedy received with in Texas, it is shocking that the top was allowed to come down and that an agent wasn’t standing guard behind the couple as they waved to onlookers.

JFK assassination photo
JFK assassination photo by Mary Ann Moorman

Even though the so-called “magic bullet” theory has been seemingly put to rest, there are still serious unanswered questions about whether Oswald acted alone or not. Conspiracy theorists find it hard to believe that the assassin was able to take the shots that killed JFK.

Lee Harvey Oswald was a good shooter, but the fact that the limousine carrying the First Couple was moving at a significant speed makes it hard to believe that one obscure man was able to be so effective. However, this is not the only theory that will probably never be answered.

Events taking place during the chaos that ensued after JFK’s assassination have also led to conspiracy theories. Reports that shots came from the “grassy knoll,” which have been dismissed by the Warren Report, but not from the minds of millions, have contributed to the murkiness of what happened on November 22, 1963.

JFK assassination

The mafia, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Fidel Castro, Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, the Soviets, the man with the umbrella, and more have all been singled out as possible killers in the JFK assassination, and so the theories are almost endless. It seems everyone who was anyone in 1963 had a grudge against the young, vibrant American president.

The manner in which Kennedy’s body was treated, following doctors at Parkland hospital’s desperate efforts to revive him, have also led more theories about a cover up. Johnson’s hushed swearing in ceremony on board Air Force One, with a shocked Jackie Kennedy looking on, raised suspicions about ulterior motives when the iconic photo surfaced.

JFK assassination theories

In the end, the official findings published in the controversial Warren Commission concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman who assassinated JFK, the beloved American leader 51 years ago, but this hasn’t stopped conspiracy theories to live on.

Do you think Oswald was the one who assassinated JFK in Dallas?

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