‘Big Bang Theory’s’ Jim Parsons Is Adorably Geeky In New Intel Adverts

The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons has made his debut in two Intel adverts. And as you’d expect, the actor is adorably geeky in both of them.

Wearing a rather suave and sophisticated grey suit, purple shirt, and skinny black tie, Parsons can first be seen walking inside Intel’s restricted access laboratory. You can check out the advert in its entirety below.

Having easily maneuvered his way past security, Parsons, who seems to be playing his character, Sheldon Cooper, from the hugely successful CBS sitcom in the clip, then starts to be hugely impressed by all of the devices around him.

As he is taking a selfie, the actor is finally confronted by a security guard who kicks him out and warns Parsons, “Don’t tell anyone what you’ve seen in here.” Unfortunately for Intel, Parsons then immediately tells the first person he sees what he viewed.

On Intel’s YouTube page, not only does it reveal that the advert has already been watched close to 20,000 times in less than 24 hours, but it explains, “Intel® RealSense™ technology soon will let you scan objects in 3D, control devices with gestures, refocus after you take photos and more.”

The second Intel advert that features Jim Parsons revolves around the actor being a big mouth on an airplane. You can watch the footage below this paragraph.

As a flight attendant tries to inform the passengers onboard the plane about the safety regulations for leaving the aircraft in case of an emergency, Parsons stands up and declares that with Intel you can now control technology with your hands. He is quickly lambasted for his efforts though, and then returns to his seat.

Talking to Ad Week, Marianne Besch, who is the executive creative at McGarryBowen, the agency that oversaw the creation of the advert, explained that the company decided on Parsons after considering over 60 other celebrities.

“Jim’s enthusiasm was so genuine and real. When he actually saw the technology he became the embodiment of it.”

This is actually Jim Parsons’ first ever alignment with any sort of major brand. McGarryBowen was looking to tap into his huge popularity as the lead character in The Big Bang Theory.

The comedy regularly draws in audiences of close to 20 million people, and it has become so hugely popular with viewers that the leading trifecta of actors, Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki, and Jim Parsons, were each able to demand new contracts worth $1 million per episode earlier this summer.

[Image via Intel]