‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Spoilers: What Comes Next When Season 1 Returns?

Fans of How to Get Away with Murder got some big reveals in the midseason finale, and everybody is anxious to know what else lies ahead. Viewers now know exactly who killed Sam, but there were definitely some twists and turns thrown in to shake things up. What How to Get Away with Murder spoilers are available for the remainder of Season 1?

Showrunner Pete Nowalk chatted with Entertainment Weekly to discuss the midseason finale and How to Get Away with Murder spoilers for what is still ahead for the rest of Season 1. Viewers will get the answer to whether Annalise and Wes were in cahoots with one another in Sam’s death. She didn’t seem particularly upset by her husband’s death, so was it something she and Sam were orchestrating ahead of time? Nowalk doesn’t say yes or no, but he says that fans will find out when the show returns.

Many were also wondering why Annalise went to Nate’s house the night of the murder, and Nowalk says the timeline will be fleshed out more when new episodes return in January. Wes will be completely changed, but not necessarily in predictable ways. Many had come to expect that Sam’s killer would end up being Rebecca or perhaps Bonnie, but Wes had been picked as the killer back when the writing of the show got started months ago.

Will the Keating Five be able to stick together as the police start asking questions? Nowalk teased that it’s unlikely, as they don’t really have reason to trust one another fully. They will all be under a lot of pressure, and they will each deal with it in a variety of ways. What about pinpointing Lila’s killer? There’s more to come on that throughout the rest of Season 1 as well.

How to Get Away with Murder spoilers indicate that the flash-forward component is set aside now for the remainder of Season 1. There will be some flashbacks ahead, but they’re done in a specific way. They apparently come in Episode 11 and they’ll focus on each character in a specific place two weeks earlier. Also, Sam will be back in some fashion later in the season, but fans will have to stay tuned to see how that’s handled.

Season 1 of How to Get Away with Murder returns on Thursday, January 29. Marcia Gay Harden will be joining the cast, though as Variety reported, little is known about her character or how long she’ll be sticking around. It is said that she’ll be an antagonist to Annalise, and she’ll be in more than one episode. It seems she’ll be involved with multiple characters, and she brings some surprises with her.

There are only a handful of episodes remaining in Season 1, but those behind the show are already looking ahead to what they want to do in Season 2. Tune in to the return of How to Get Away with Murder on January 29 to see what lies ahead for Wes, Annalise, and the rest in this hit ABC drama.

[Image via Star News Online]