Michelle Hurd: ‘Law And Order’ Actress Says Bill Cosby Touched Her, Gossip Circles Have Known For Years

Another actress, Michelle Hurd, has come forward to confirm knowledge that she has of the Bill Cosby sexual allegations. According to the Daily Mail, the Law And Order actress also had an encounter with Cosby. Hurd says she couldn’t take it anymore after hearing the stories and the insensitive comments on websites and forums, so she felt that she needed to tell her side of the story.

She shared the story on her Facebook page.

“I did stand-in work on The Cosby show back in the day and YES, Bill Cosby was VERY inappropriate with me. It started innocently, lunch in his dressing room, daily, then onto weird acting exercises were he would move his hands up and down my body, (can’t believe I fell for that) I was instructed to NEVER tell anyone what we did together, (he said other actors would become jealous) and then fortunately, I dodged the ultimate bullet with him when he asked me to come to his house, take a shower so we could blow dry my hair and see what it looked like straightened. At that point my own red flags went off and I told him, “No, I’ll just come to work tomorrow with my hair straightened”. I then started to take notice and found another actress, a stand-in as well, and we started talking… A LOT… turns out he was doing the same thing to her, almost by the numbers, BUT, she did go to his house and because I will not name her, and it is her story to tell, all I’ll say is she awoke, after being drugged, vomited, and then Cosby told her there’s a cab waiting for you outside.”

Michelle Hurd continues that her story is true, and that she would have no reason to invent it, according to Showbiz411. The actress, known for her roles in CSI: Miami and Gossip Girl, follows a long line of women who have come forward with allegations that Cosby sexually assaulted, raped, and drugged them. Bill Cosby’s attorney has stated the allegations are untrue.

Most of the sexual molestation allegations are from decades ago, but Cosby’s alleged inappropriate conduct toward women is something that has been known in Hollywood circles since the beginning. Many of the alleged victims repeated these stories to other women. But no one dared to make the information public, or it would mean the death of their careers. The stories would creep into celebrity gossip forums every now and then.

When the rumors would make their way into a larger paper such as a tabloid magazine, it is alleged that Cosby and his team quickly had the item pulled. Wendy Williams was one of the first to discuss Cosby’s ability to control what was printed and what was said about him. She told the story of how Bill Cosby almost had her fired when she worked at popular radio station in New York City.

That same attempt to control was also seen in the latest video showing Cosby telling the producers that he was not going to discuss the rumors. He also told producers to scrap the footage of them asking him about the allegations.

With the latest scandal, many The Cosby Show fans, want to know what really happened all those years ago when Lisa Bonet left the show. Anyone who was a fan of the show, remembers well when the actress abruptly left, and how she was vilified around the time she made the movie Angel Heart. After returning to The Cosby Show briefly, it was announced that she had been fired from the show. She went quietly, and has not participated in any reunion shows with the Cosby cast, leading many to wonder if she also had an “uncomfortable experience” with Cosby. The Inquisitr reported on yesterday that Hollywood crisis experts say Bill Cosby’s career is over.

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