Brock Lesnar Update: Lesnar Leaning Towards Signing With UFC in March

On the Thursday edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, it was said by Dave Meltzer, who is the founder, publisher, and editor of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, that after Brock Lesnar’s contract expires with WWE this spring. Lesnar will likely sign with the UFC and make another run at the UFC heavyweight championship.

Meltzer isn’t the only person who has said that Lesnar is interested in fighting again. UFC president Dana White said in an interview with Fox Sports that Lesnar is more than interested in a return to the UFC.

“Brock Lesnar’s under contract with the WWE. We have a great relationship with him. He’s healthy and he has said that he’s interested in fighting again. It’s pretty amazing what [Lesnar] did and accomplished here while having diverticulitis. It would be interesting to see a 100-percent healthy Brock Lesnar compete.”

There are rumblings that WWE chairman Vince McMahon isn’t happy with Lesnar’s current contract with WWE, and feels that he overestimated the value of having Brock Lesnar on his roster on a part-time basis.

With WWE going away from the pay-per-view business and moving all of their pay-per-views to the WWE Network, Lesnar’s contract may not be worth the $5 million a year WWE is paying him without getting any pay-per-view revenue when Lesnar performs on big shows.

It’s rumored that the only other wrestler in WWE that makes what Lesnar is making is The Rock. However, that’s just based on when The Rock was WWE champion back in early 2013.

There’s also rumors that Brock Lesnar may sign with UFC competitor Bellator. However, UFC president Dana White thinks that Bellator has no chance to sign Lesnar.

“Brock Lesnar wouldn’t go to Bellator. Brock wants to fight the best guys in the world. The best guys in the world are in the UFC.”

If Lesnar were to sign with Bellator it’s likely that Bellator would have to pay Lesnar a pretty incredible flat rate, as their plan going forward is to put on four big shows a year that will air for free on Spike TV, which would mean Lesnar wouldn’t get a cut of the pay-per-view revenue since their wouldn’t be any.

The advantage to Lesnar signing with the UFC is that they’ll probably pay him a pretty good chunk of their pay-per-view revenue on top of a guaranteed flat rate.

From 2008 to 2011, Brock Lesnar was the biggest pay-per-view draw in all of pro wrestling and mixed martial arts. The only other athlete that was a bigger draw than Lesnar was Floyd Mayweather.

It’ll be interesting to see how Lesnar’s contract situation affects WWE’s plans for him going forward, and if Lesnar does end up back in the octagon, it’ll be interesting to see if people still care about him enough to buy a Brock Lesnar headlined pay-per-view.

Lesnar’s last fight in the UFC was on December 30, 2011 at UFC 141, where he was completely decimated by Alistair Overeem in just two-and-a-half minutes.

[Image via Mark J. Rebilas/US Presswire]