Jenna Schumacher Tortured 14-Month-Old Son With Q-Tips, Couldn’t Stand Looking At Him

Jenna Schumacher, a 26-year-old mother, has been charged with child abuse after jamming Q-tips violently into the ears of her 14-month-old son.

Daily Mail reports that the resident of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, allegedly made her son’s ears bleed in addition to leaving holes in his ear drums. The young boy’s injuries could lead to permanent damage, including long-term hearing problems.

According to reports, Jenna Schumacher told investigators that she intentionally harmed her son as a result of problems with her former boyfriend and the father of her son. Schumacher reportedly could not stand to even look at her son since he looks so much like his father.

The alleged abuse was discovered during a doctor’s visit on November 5 to the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

Jenna Schumacher took her son to the hospital so that a doctor could examine his ear injuries. Doctors determined that there was no medical cause for the injuries. However, it was noted that a portion of a cotton swab was found in the boy’s ear.

Schumacher returned to the same hospital on November 14 with her child, denying to the staff that she put anything inside of her son’s ears.

However, Jenna was filmed by a hospital video camera shoving her fingers as well as cotton swabs directly inside of them.

Several reports state that the footage showed Schumacher repeatedly forcing the Q-tip into his ears as he continued to cry and struggle, a claim that was also documented in the criminal complaint, in reference to the video.

“[Jenna Schumacher] violently forces the Q-tip into (the child’s) right ear multiple times. (The child) is seen crying, struggling, kicking his legs and trying to get away from the defendant.”

In an interview with WTVR, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke expressed how he felt about the alleged abuse.

“It turns my stomach. It sickens me. It makes me shudder to think someone would take a blunt object and shove it into your ear canal. It sends chills up your spine. The child tried to resist, but what’s a 14-month-old going to be able to do? This kid is probably going to grow up now with a hearing defect because of this.”

One of Jenna’s friends, Jessica Meyer, stated that she appeared to be a good friend and a loving mother.

If Jenna Schumacher is found guilty of the felony abuse charge, she could get up to a 40-year prison sentence in addition to $100,000 in fines.