Dina Manzo Responds To Jim Marchese’s Claims About Her Wanting To Watch Him Have Sex With Wife Amber

Dina Manzo is speaking out about Jim Marchese’s shocking sex claim.

In an interview with All Things Real Housewives, Marchese claimed Manzo requested he allow her to watch him and his wife, Amber Marchese, having sex. On Twitter, Manzo addressed the allegation.

“It’s all good. Once I saw Amber go down on a coke bottle in AC I knew there was nothin much to c,” Manzo tweeted, according to a November 20 report by Reality Tea. “Oops did I just type that? Yeah I did. They shouldn’t take my kindness for weakness!”

Speaking to All Things Real Housewives, Marchese was asked why Dina Manzo had such a strong reaction to his personality on the sixth season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

“That’s easy, Dina is having a very difficult time and it’s very clear that she desires a relationship like the one I have with Amber,” Marchese explained. “It was very clear from the first time we met – she had very sexually deviant behavior – even watching my son’s commercial [my 14 year-old son Michael shot that commercial for Mortgage Now and it was very tongue and cheek and funny] – and she [Dina] is talking about pornography.”

“Dina has actually asked to watch Amber and I engage in sexual congress. She is offended because we are not interested in her as a person like that. We are not interested in her behavior and find it somewhat horrible. So it very much bothers her.”

“I think I confuse Dina because I am an articulate, intelligent man and yet she can’t bat her eyes at me and I don’t melt,” Marchese continued of why he and Dina Manzo don’t jive. “You can tell she is very accustomed to manipulate people by the way she looks and quite frankly she surrounds herself with dumb animals who will hump anything. So of course she wouldn’t understand someone like me who loves and respects his wife.”

Also in the interview, Marchese discussed the editing of the show.

“I think the way I was presented in the beginning was to lead viewers to think one specific thing to insight them,” he said. “I think the way the scenes were done and the timing of things it was done to insight a certain reaction from the viewer. Then as the season progressed they started showing more of who I am. But even in the most climatic of scenes, they always took away the antagonist and made me look like the antagonist instead of someone who was literally defending himself.”

During the recently aired Season 6 reunion, as reported by the Inquisitr, Dina Manzo called the show “so f**ked up” as Marchese engaged in a heated debate with Bobby Ciasulli over allegations Ciasulli was a “fame wh*re.” Around the same time, as the Inquisitr reported, Manzo told fans she had no interest in returning to the show.

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