Microsoft Told They Can’t Use Bacon Cart To Lure Amazon Employees Out Of Their Offices

In a defining moment for what Microsoft has become the tech giant has been ordered to stop handing out free bacon from a bacon cart in an attempt to lure Amazon workers out of their offices for poaching reasons.

Microsoft officials hired a local hotdog vendor to give out free bacon strips near Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle’s South Lake Union area in the hopes that they would listen to a Microsoft recruiter and jump ship.

The software firm apparently told the cart’s vendor Dante Rivera (Dante’s Inferno Dogs) that the event was for a Kinect promotion when in fact he learned it was for recruiting purposes.

According to the Seattle Times Rivera pulled the free bacon after he learned of the company’s true intensions. River said the ploy was a conflict of interest since he has worked with Microsoft, Amazon and the ad agency supporting the free bacon campaign over the years.

According to Rivera:

“I thought it would it would be best for me to step aside.”

Remember when Microsoft use to be able to say “come work for us we have the best programmers!” now they say “come work for us, we have free bacon.”

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