New Cosby Accuser: ‘Dozens Of Women’ Involved; Bill Attacked Me Then Entertained Children At Hospital

A new Bill Cosby accuser has released her scathing account of what she says happened after meeting the comedian in the 1970s. Tamara Green is the latest name in a string of women who say Cosby drugged and attacked them, reports the Daily Mail. Although not a new name to court documents, Green is another Cosby accuser who feels emboldened to tell her story in light of the line of women who say they’ve been begging others to listen to their Cosby horror stories for years.

“Bill Cosby is twisted, he’s a sexual predator who attacked me and has done the same to dozens of women that I know of. But he continues to refuse to acknowledge it, which is what angers me and the other women most. He should come clean and apologize for what he has done. To admit that the fame, the money and his own propaganda went to his head and he lost control.”

Green, who spoke of being raped by Cosby and then seeing him the next day as he volunteered to entertain children at a hospital, joins new Cosby accuser Janice Dickinson — who told ET that Cosby raped her — in a detailed report of being given pills by Cosby under the guise that they would help heal headaches or other ailments, and ended up rendering the women incapacitated and sexually violated instead.

The harrowing reports coming from one Cosby accuser after the next have led District Attorney Bruce Castor to reveal that although there was likely truth to the story of one accuser that could’ve potentially resulted in Cosby facing criminal rape charges in 2005, there wasn’t enough evidence to pursue the case, reports the Inquisitr.


As each new detailed report from one Cosby accuser after the next hits the news, so do reports about Beth Ferrier and Barbara Bowman, and how each accuser had nothing to gain from going public during Andrea Constand’s 2005 case — save for supporting the new Cosby accuser and trying to bring justice — because the statute of limitations had run out, reports the Washington Post.

However, each Cosby accuser — new or old — appears to be having an effect upon the comedian’s career. Both NBC and Netflix have put upcoming Cosby projects on indefinite hold, with the former stating they’ve dropped their sitcom plans and the latter stating that they are postponing their planned special, Bill Cosby 77, reports the New York Times.

Therefore, as Cosby continues to make no new statements but amends statements via his lawyer — Cosby most recently excluded one accuser from a previous statement issued — the rape allegations are putting pressure on any networks that decide to work with Cosby.