This Man Used Extreme Body Modifications To Become A Platypus — Watch His Shocking Transformation

Parents all over the world tell their children, “You can be anything you want to be!” And Jenya Bolotov, a 26-year-old Russian designer, wanted to be a platypus. So, using extreme measures of body modification, Bolotov has reformed his entire face.

“Externally, I am now a platypus,” Bolotov said. “My resemblance is the way I want it to be. It takes bravery to do what I’ve done and I will keep modifying my body until I am happy.”

Bolotov has been reportedly fascinated by body modification from an early age. And, as you may have guessed, he’s also a platypus fan. Apparently, Bolotov had the great idea to combine his love of body modifications with his passion for the platypus and see what would come of it.

The results are somewhat disturbing. Bolotov’s most platypus-like feature is his mouth, since, according to Cosmopolitan, his bottom lip stretches out more than two inches horizontally. He also wears some sort of contact lenses that make his eyes appear to be all pupil and no iris.

So far, Bolotov is seven years into his journey into becoming a platypus. He explained some of the process in an interview.

This "before" and "after" image captures the extreme nature of Bolotov's body modification.
This “before” and “after” image captures the extreme nature of Bolotov’s body modification.

At 18, he gauged his own ears. This is the process of piercing and then gradually increasing the size of the jewelry placed in the opening until the wearer has more of a hole than a small piercing. After that, Bolotov began lip-stretching, which involved the same process as the ears. It was at this point that a friend made the platypus connection for Bolotov.

“My friend said that if anyone could achieve a truly big, horizontal lip, they would look like a platypus. I wanted to be like that. I loved the large bill of a platypus,” Bolotov said.

After seven years of modifying and stretching, Bolotov feels that his face — including ears, nose and lips — have finally reached what he considers acceptable platypus proportions; however, he doesn’t plan to stop. Acceptable, after all, doesn’t have to mean complete, and Bolotov plans to continue to lengthen his features throughout his life.

Body modification is the “deliberate altering of the human anatomy” and is done for a myriad of reasons, besides just a burning desire to look like a platypus. But Jenya Balatov, no matter how shocking or strange his transformation may seem, is certainly not the first, nor will he be the last, to undergo extreme lengths to look different. Check out this 23-year-old who drilled holes in his own cheeks because he believes that it is beautiful.

Watch the video of Bolotov’s transformation into a platypus below, and tell us — do you think he’s going to regret the extreme modifications he has made, or will he live happily ever after as a platypus?

[Images via and Cosmopolitan]