Doll With Realistic Proportions Goes On Sale In Time For Christmas, Kids Choose It Over Barbie [Video]

Barbie has new competition this holiday season and it comes from a realistically proportioned doll named Lammily.

The doll, which was designed by Nickolay Lamm, became available for Christmas gift purchasing earlier today. The doll was the center of a very successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $501,000 to manufacture the realistic dolls. Unlike Barbie, Lammily was designed to have the proportions of an average 19-year-old.

Photo of prototype blonde Lammily doll next to Barbie. (Barbie left, Lammily right)

To study how children would respond to Lammily, a group of second graders were given a Lammily doll and Barbie. They were asked to describe both dolls, what they like about each doll and ultimately which doll they would rather play with if given the chance. All the children chose the Lammily doll as their number one choice. Here are some of the reactions to the realistic doll.

One girl has a look of sheer joy when she opens her Lammily doll. “I love her!” she shouts. Many of the girls thought the doll reminded them of their sisters.

“She looks like my sister. She looks like a regular girl from school.”

The children were then asked what they thought Lammily would like to do in her free time. What types of activities might she enjoy?

“Probably every activity I do.”

The girls seemed to relate to Lammily. She was just a normal girl who could do normal girl things. One intuitive little girl noted that Lammily could do more “because if she was real she would be able to stand more.” You see, Lammily has real toes and feet that lay flat on the ground as opposed to the standard “high heel” shaped feet of Barbie.

When asked about the appearance of Lammily as opposed to Barbie, one girl notes that Barbie’s waist is not normal.

“Her belly is like….in.”

However, when she looks at the wider Lammily doll she says, “This one is nice and the perfect size.”

When discussing Barbie, one little girl notes that she is not very relatable or nice.

“This one [Barbie] is all fashion-y and thinks she is better than everyone else.”

However, the girls note that Lammily looks like she would be friendly and help people, noting she has a nice smile. When all was said and done, all of the children chose the Lammily doll over Barbie because they all noticed that she wasn’t like a normal doll. She seemed more real.

In addition to realistic proportions, Lammily can also be purchased with a set of “Lammily marks.” The mark kit comes with reusable stickers that feature scars, cuts, acne, cellulite, stretch marks and other “imperfections” such as moles. The child can then customize the doll to an even more realistic standard. Lammily also has a full line of clothing that fits the normally proportioned doll.

What do you think of the Lammily “realistic Barbie” doll? Will you be adding Lammily to your Christmas shopping list?