Mother Daughter Fight: Angry Mom Beats Unruly Daughter In Public For Stealing From Her (Video)

Physical displays of parental discipline can be found all over social media. Some parents have taken things a bit too far, but there have been times when far-fetched punishments were befitting. Now, there's a new controversial video circulating around social media. While most viewers are simply displeased with the aspects of family exploitation in the video, other viewers feel the disrespectful daughter deserved the punishment.

**Warning: This video contains graphic nature and obscene language.**

On Monday, Nov. 17, a video was uploaded of a mother and daughter involved in a physical altercation. Apparently, the daughter had stolen money from her mother. When the mother confronted her daughter about stealing, things went awry. Of course, the daughter blatantly denied the allegations. But, that's not all she did. She can be heard firing back at her mother with a number of explicit retorts and insulting remarks.

The video starts with the mother and daughter tussling over, what appears to be, a purse. Apparently, the mother wanted to search the purse for the money. In the first ten seconds of the video, she can be heard defying her mother and calling her a "b----." Others observing the altercation repeatedly asked the girl to "watch her mouth," but no one made an effort to diffuse the altercation. So of course, things got even worse. Once the daughter was able to get off the ground, her mother threw her onto the hood of a car where she continued the beating. She can be seen hitting her daughter in the head with an umbrella. Then, the video cut off.

The controversial video has received more than 700,000 views and over 6,000 comments since it was uploaded on Monday. Although the mother's actions were definitely aggressive, most viewers actually felt her actions were necessary given the daughter's blatant disrespect.

"If I EVER get the courage to hit my mom or even call her a b----, you can go ahead and put me in witness protection because she wont stop till im dead real talk," one viewer said.

"She probably was tired of her s---. This girl clearly has no respect for her mother. And this is a little obsessive but black mothers have no problem beating your a--. They rather do it before a random person in the street does. Its not something I would do, or my family but its possible if I ever swung on my mom," a viewer with the name "Kate Spade" wrote.

"This girl has apparently grown up to be EXACTLY what her mother raised her to be. You can tell just from watching how this went down," a viewer wrote.

"I don't know what's worse the fact her daughter would steal from her... Or the fact the mother is too immature to handle the situation correctly," another viewer argued.

Do you agree with the mother's brand of discipline or did she go to far? Share your thoughts.

[Image via World Star Hip Hop]