Sydney Police Discover $1 Million Stuffed Inside Briefcase

In a strange sequence of events a man from Hong Kong left a briefcase stuffed with $1 million inside a cafe in Sydney, Australia.

According to a Caffe Marco employee the man left the briefcase behind after ordering a coffee and then leaving the briefcase behind after less than five minutes inside the restaurant.

Fearing that the briefcase may have contained a bomb workers called police who discovered that the case held $1 million in cash.

According to Sydney police the 49-year-old owner of the briefcase has not yet been questioned about the cash because he became ill and was hospitalized before an interview could be conducted. According to a police spokesman:

“Our friend has some questions to answer once he is released.”

Police say they will hand the $1 million over to the man if he can prove that it actually belongs to him, however if the money is believed to be from a crime it will remain in the custody of Sydney officials until such a time that it can be forfeited over to Australian governmental officials.

If the real owner of the money can not be found within three months it could mean a huge payday for several cafe workers.

Could you ever accidentally leave $1 million in a public place?

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