'Faking It' Recap: How Does Karma React After Finding Out Amy And Liam's Secret?

Secrets always tend to come out in the worst possible way at the worst possible time -- and Amy and Liam's big secret on Faking It is no exception. In this week's episode, "Karmic Retribution," which follows Karma finding out that her boyfriend and best friend slept together, she cast Liam as the villain and Amy as the victim, as someone that had been taken advantage of, and so she stood by her while completely blaming him.

The promo for this Faking It episode had shown Karma heading towards Amy at the school in a way that seemed to make viewers want to think that a slap or at the very least some harsh words were coming, but instead, as Entertainment Weekly has noted, the preview just wanted to make it seem like that. Instead, she hugged her and stood by her side, vehemently defending her every time Liam tried to tell her they were both heartbroken when it happened.

In the end, Amy finally admitted that she too was at fault and that Liam hadn't taken advantage of her after she had to stop Karma from continuing to go too far with her position of power in the school's social experiment. Karma nearly revealed Liam's big Skorkle secret and the result landed them in the equivalent of hell in Hesteria, the school basement with old abstinence films. Amy admitted that she had wanted to hurt her best friend, too, and told her she could either forgive them both or hate them both. Karma chose the latter. As the Inquisitr had previously reported, the secret did come out in the worst way.

Meanwhile, Shane spent most of this week's Faking It episode staring at his phone, hoping to hear from Duke, but upon getting his phone back at the end of the school's social experiment he still didn't have a text. Shane went off to "fall into a black hole of cyber stalking and Pinkberry." But is this the end of Shane and Duke? Skyler Maxon has spoken to the Backlot about the control Duke's father has over him and it does sound like there's more to come.

"I think it happens sometimes with athletics where parents get really invested in what their kids are doing and I know in this particular situation Duke's Dad is kind of a bad a** himself, so I think he's definitely trying to keep my personal life a secret and really drive this bus and make sure I'm really focused on my career. I think there's some puppeteering going on and we'll see how that works out."
As for what's coming up next week, the Faking It promo, which you can watch below, shows that Liam is ready to get out of town next semester after everything that's happened. Plus, Amy puts their friendship's future in Karma's hands.

MTV has also released a Faking It sneak peek all about Lauren's campaign for class president, and first, she needs 100 signatures to qualify. Her friends remind her about Homecoming Queen, but she has a plan. Watch it below.

Faking It airs Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m. on MTV.

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