January 5, 2017
'The Voice' Top 10: Are Viewers Not Impressed With Women This Season?

Tuesday evening saw America choose the Top 10 finalists on NBC's The Voice.

Following standout performances by Team Adam members Matt McAndrew, Chris Jamison, and Damien, Adam Levine was the only Voice coach without a single member at risk.

With two more Voice hopefuls departing, there is something fairly noticeable about the remaining Top 10: It's a group largely comprised of men.

All three remaining women (Anita Antoinette, DaNica Shirey, and Reagan James) are well-liked by Voice viewers, and were each promoted to the next round by voting audience members two weeks in a row.

Antoinette was even gifted the prized final slot during Monday's Voice episode, during which she performed her rendition of Bob Marley's "Redemption Song".

Meanwhile, DaNica Shirey managed to pull off a unique interpretation of the grunge classic, "Creep" by British band Radiohead.

Of the three Voice participants, Reagan James may have struggled the most. Her version of Lenny Kravitz's "It Ain't Over 'til It's Over" failed to make the Top 100 on the iTunes song chart.

There were concerns that James would lose out to fellow Team Blake member Jessie Pitts. In the end, it was Pitts who was forced to sing for her life near the end of the live Voice results show.

Both Jessie Pitts and Sugar Joans were sent home after failing to secure the favor of Voice voters.

Will two more women be sent home next week?

According to previous results, there is a good chance this won't be the case.

All remaining women were selected outright whereas pop Singer Ryan Sill (who was himself in the bottom three last night) had to be rescued not once, but twice.

At the moment Sill seems to be in much greater danger of going home than the remaining ladies.

Unless other Voice hopefuls put on a bad performance, make a major error, or suffer from a poor song choice, Sill is a strong candidate for departure.

But just how popular are the three remaining women when compared to the top six men?

Although Sill was the least popular male singer on The Voice, there's the possibility that we may see a pattern where women are continuously voted off until only men remain.

With just these women left Voice, its a decision that could come within the next two weeks.

Do you believe any of the remaining women on The Voice have what it takes to stick around until the end?

[Image Credit: The Voice Official YouTube Channel]