GQ Man Of The Year Chris Pratt Talks 60-Pound Paleo-Style Low-Carb Weight Loss And CrossFit [Video]

When Chris Pratt learned that he had been named one of GQ magazine’s “Men of the Year,” he used the honor to reaffirm his determination to maintain his 60-pound weight loss success. It wasn’t easy going from a chubby actor in Parks And Recreation to an action hero for Guardians Of The Galaxy, says Pratt. But after becoming endured to a tough fitness routine and Paleo-style low-carb diet, the now-muscular 35-year-old plans to stay that way, he informed GQ.

Even those who now applaud Pratt for his lean-and-mean body admit that he didn’t look like an action hero when he began his new regime.

“I thought it was an insane idea to cast the fat guy from Parks and Rec as the lead of our superhero movie,” says Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn. “I didn’t really even want to see him.”

However, when Pratt ruled the audition room with powerful acting chops, Gunn was convinced. Well, sort of. And that’s where Chris got determined to transform his body. He banned booze, cut carbohydrates, and worked out.

Paleo diets require eliminating specific food groups entirely, such as grains. The low-carb diet plan emphasizes protein such as fish and chicken, natural fats such as avocado, fresh fruits, and non-starchy vegetables. Pratt feels that his eating philosophy requires that same all-or-nothing mentality.

“I’m done with that,” he says with reference to starchy foods and booze.

As the Inquisitr revealed, a growing group of celebrities is also turning to Paleo-style low-carb diets for reasons varying from health to weight loss to energy. Among them are ex-vegans Anne Hathaway and former President Bill Clinton.

“I just didn’t feel good or healthy,” Hathaway recalled of her vegan days.

Clinton’s physician Dr. Mark Hyman was the one who convinced the former President that following a vegan diet meant eating too much starch and insufficient good quality protein. Hyman also contends that weight loss is more difficult for vegans.

“It’s hard being a vegan to eat enough good, quality protein and not have too much starch. I know a lot of fat vegans.”

For Pratt, a Paleo-style low carb diet provided his ticket to weight loss success. He recently talked with David Letterman about his journey (see below).

To achieve that 60-pound weight loss, Pratt also spent hours daily in a variety of exercises, he told Men’s Fitness.

He ran, boxed, participated in a triathlon, and pushed himself through sessions of Tony Horton’s P90X. Pratt worked out six days a week with personal trainer Duffy Gaver on various exercises as well.

A former Marine and Navy SEAL, Gaver also trained Tobey Maguire, Brad Pitt, Ashton Kutcher, Marlon Wayans, Channing Tatum, and Chris Hemsworth, according to CrossFit BMF. Duffy began using CrossFit wit his celebrity clients in 2003, and feels that the workouts promote a healthy mindset.

Fit people make fit choices day in and day out. CrossFit promotes fit choices.

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