Nebraska Approves Marijuana License Plate Following ACLU Threats

Lawyer Frank Shoemaker will soon be the proud owner of a new license plate that shows his support for the legalization of marijuana. According to reports the ACLU threatened to sue the state of Nebraska on Shoemaker’s behalf if they did not approve his request for a license plate that read “NE 420.”

The state first turned down the request because they said it promoted “illegal drug use” and carried with it other “negative associations.”

420 of course refers to the pop cultural reference for “marijuana” and is celebrated on April 20 of each year thanks to the unofficial National Pot Smoking Day. The NE meanwhile is the abbreviation for Nebraska where Shoemaker hopes to make marijuana growing and use legal.

With his license plate in hand Shoemaker’s next hopeful victory is a petition he is currently circulating that will place a measure to legalize marijuana on the upcoming voters ballot.

Speaking about his motives Frank Shoemaker says:

“All I ever wanted was to work with fellow Nebraskans in the democratic process,” and “No one should have to fear government censorship for his political views.”

In the meantime governmental control over marijuana and other drug laws have created headaches for California pot shops despite the fact that a recent study has shown that 50% of American’s want marijuana legalized. Hopefully the federal government doesn’t swoop in and confiscate his car or perhaps just his bumbper, after all they love to rule over state marijuana laws with an iron grip lately.

Do you think threats of a lawsuit were really necessary over something as silly as the “NE 420” license plate request?

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