Ferguson Grand Jury Decision: Darren Wilson Expected To Go Free As State Of Emergency Declared

Those within Ferguson, Missouri, as well as those around the nation, are anxiously awaiting the St. Louis County grand jury decision — specifically members of the public who’ve followed the unrest in Ferguson ever since unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot to death by Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson police force three months ago.

As reported by the Inquisitr, the hacker group “Anonymous” claimed to have information from two reliable sources that the grand jury in the Ferguson trial would not indict Darren Wilson. Those claims appear all the more valid now that Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has declared a state of emergency in Ferguson in anticipation of the grand jury announcement, reports ABC News.

“My hope and expectation is that peace will prevail, but I have a responsibility to plan for any contingency that might arise. To achieve those goals, we need to be prepared, and we need to be proactive and to have resources in place in advance of any announcements.”

The Ferguson officer’s anticipated escape from indictment by the grand jury could be the catalyst for not only peaceful demonstrations of anger and opposition — but also the type of violent reactions that have caused Ferguson Mayor James Knowles to warn authorities to “prepare for the worst,” reports CNN.


Parents in the Ferguson area have been notified to pick up their children early from local schools if the grand jury decision comes down in the middle of the school day.

However, it’s not only the Ferguson area alone that’s on alert for riotous reactions when the grand jury decision is made public. The Ferguson National Response Network believes the grand jury ruling will also spark reactions across the nation, and has set up a “Ferguson Response Tumblr” listing cities as far away from Ferguson as Seattle, Los Angeles, Nashville, Austin, Grand Rapids and more with planned responses for the hours and days following the grand jury decision.

With mounting tension growing as Ferguson residents await the grand jury decision, most locals agree that they simply want the grand jury choice to be made known soon so the melee embattling their area can be over, once and for all. The Missouri National Guard being called prior to the grand jury decision has been called a premature move by some protestors, who claim that violence shouldn’t have been an automatic expectation in the wake of the grand jury choice.