‘Wake Me Up’ Charity Song Tops Charts

It’s rare that anyone except internationally famous pop stars top the music charts, but this week a children’s charity has done exactly that. Gareth Malone’s all star choir has made it to the top spot in the U.K. singles charts with their song “Wake Me Up,” performed for the Children in Need charity event.

According to The Independent, the song is a re-imagined cover of Avicii’s “Wake Me Up.” The choir’s version of “Wake Me Up” was released on Monday and shot straight to the top of the charts. Since then, people have been playing “Wake Me Up” over and over, enjoying the message and spreading awareness about the Children in Need cause. The choir performed “Wake Me Up” on Friday night’s Children in Need program on BBC One, according to the The Telegraph.

So far, “Wake Me Up” has sold over 120,000 copies since it was released, and is still selling. “Wake Me Up” is also currently the most physically purchased single of the week. You can listen to Gareth Malone’s choir performing “Wake Me Up” in the YouTube video below:

The choir for this rendition of “Wake Me Up” features many celebrities and singers, including Alison Steadman, Linda Robson, Mel Giedroyc, Fabrice Muamba and Jo Brand. But “Wake Me Up” also includes the voices of children, gathered from different music projects all across the U.K. that Children in Need is supporting.

“Wake Me Up” went up against some major music heavy hitters such as Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, One Direction and Meghan Trainor. However, the choir itself might not be all that surprised to have “Wake Me Up” top the charts. After all, they’ve done it before with “Wherever You Are” by The Military Wives which charted in Christmas of 2011, and Gary Barlow’s “Sing” which topped the charts in 2012.

Gareth Malone released the following statement about “Wake Me Up” and the choir:


“When we started singing, getting a number number one seemed an impossible dream, so to see this group of unlikely choristers at the top of the charts today is amazing. I’m so grateful to the British public for getting behind [‘Wake Me Up’]. It’s wonderful that so many children helped too, by being on the record… Everyone involved has worked so hard to create this record and it’s fantastic to see the support we are getting in return.”

What do you think of “Wake Me Up?” Does it make you want to support the Children in Need cause?

For the original “Wake Me Up” check out the video below: