Benedict Cumberbatch And Jimmy Fallon Tell Stories Of Unicorns and Booty

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch had a chance to make up stories about unicorns and booty with Jimmy Fallon.

Even though that may sound a little awkward, you can see from the video that it is exactly what happened on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Jimmy Fallon created yet another new game for The Tonight Show called “Three-Word Stories.”

The rules of the game were simple. Each player had to go back and forth in telling a story using only three words at a time. The ultimate goal was for the second player to guess the secret word that the first player tried to reveal through clues in the actual story.

The first round of “Three-Word Stories” went by fairly quickly – especially since Jimmy Fallon had to get Benedict Cumberbatch to simply say the word “unicorn.”

However, the second round is when things really started to get a little interesting. The 38-year-old actor from The Imitation Game had to get Jimmy Fallon to say “booty.” The problem is that the word “booty” has multiple meanings. While some people may automatically think of a booty as being someone’s butt, others think of the formal definition of the word “booty” which could be money, treasure, spoils or prizes.

It became apparently clear from the very beginning of the round which of those two definitions Benedict Cumberbatch was the most comfortable with discussing. By the time the English actor finally got around to mentioning Kim Kardashian as a clue, Jimmy Fallon was so confused that he just responded back with a comment about Kanye West.

It’s a good thing that Benedict Cumberbatch has a great sense of humor. Even though he has proven in the past that he has a lot of talents (including celebrity impressions), it is clear that Benedict Cumberbatch is not very good at telling three-word stories about booty.

#ThreeWordStories is the best game ever @FallonTonight and #BenedictCumberbatch was awesome!

— Jakub Lisiak (@kubalisiak) November 18, 2014

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[Image Credit: NBC]