Turning Housewives Into Reality Stars, Andy Cohen Extends 15 Minutes Of Fame With Warhol-Inspired Diary [Video]

In the world of Bravo TV celebrity-maker Andy Cohen, the concept of Too Much Information (TMI) does not exist. Reflecting on how his Real Housewives of… series became a ratings sensation that rocketed many of the housewives to individual stardom, Cohen decided it was time to take his love of extracting TMI from housewives and use it on himself. And so, as he told the Wall Street Journal, his memoir, The Andy Cohen Diaries: A Deep Look At A Shallow Year, was born.

Cohen also credits Andy Warhol’s own diary for inspiring him. What would the original Andy have thought of Cohen’s successful venture into making rich housewives into famous women?

“In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes,” predicted Warhol.

But Cohen is quick to be cautious about his own naming of the rich and famous in his diary.

“I still need to be able to book guests for my show,” he pointed out pragmatically.

So what can you learn from the book? You’ll discover the surprisingly sweet details of Cohen’s decision to get a puppy from an animal rescue organization. Despite his initial hesitations, his rescue beagle mix named Wacha becomes his best friend.

Andy Cohen adores his rescue beagle.
Andy Cohen calls his rescue beagle his new BFF.

“He’s lovely and lovable,” said Andy about Wacha. “We are in love.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Cohen isn’t the only celebrity who has turned to pets for unconditional love and companionship. Other deveoted celebrity pet owners include Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood.

In addition to his puppy pal, Cohen delves into the world of pop culture in his diary. During his book tour, he responded to the most frequently asked questions.

Who is his favorite housewife?

“It’s like asking me to choose between my children,” said Cohen in a non-answer.

What does Oprah smell like?

“Good and floral.”

Will he visit Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa Giudice in prison during her sentence for bankruptcy fraud?

“Maybe. It’s in Connecticut, and I love Connecticut.”

But it was Cohen’s father, Lou, who took on the real question. Just how does Andy manage to play the challenging role of judge and jury during the inevitably loud, sometimes hostile Real Housewives reunions?

“I guess you could say he’s got a knack for that,” said Lou diplomatically.

As part of his book tour, Andy visited Meredith Vieira’s talk show and confessed his own not-so-pleasant encounter with one of the world’s most famous talk show hosts as shown below.

How did he manage to anger Barbara Walters on The View?

Cohen explained that when Walters became confused about American Hustle, he made a comment that Walters took as an insult to her age.

“Perhaps it’s a generational thing,” said Andy.

When he realized that she was angry, however, he sought to earn her forgiveness, he told Meredith.

“She is a legend who I love. I admire and adore her. I sent her flowers the next day, I apologized eight million times. She e-mailed and said all is forgiven.”

But when it comes to forgiving Real Housewives who get fired, it’s not so simple, admitted Cohen. He recalled when a husband begged him to rehire his wife. Andy compared the situation to the Mafia.

“What I said in that case was look, the great thing about it is it’s like the Mafia, you never really leave the family. So I say, ‘I promise you will be back, we’re going to be calling again. This is a relationship that we will always have, if maybe a little differently.”

Cohen also is famous for his love of cocktails. One of his most well-known quotes about his life clarifies that.

I talk, watch TV, spout opinions, schmooze, negotiate, talk some more, play games, and have a little cocktail.

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