Former FBI Director Louis Freeh Begins Conducting Independent Penn State Probe

Louis Freeh, the former director of the FBI has been tapped to lead an investigation into child sex-abuse allegations at Penn State. According to reports Freeh will examine records dating back to 1975.

Freeh will oversee the universities board of trustees’ internal investigation into abuses at the hands of former men’s football coach Jerry Sandusky. Following revelations that Sandusky’s abuse of little boys had been covered up the universities board fired president Graham Spanier and football coach of nearly five decades Joe Paterno.

As part of his investigation Freeh has hired a team of former FBI agents, federal prosecutors and other experts to help determine the extent of the abuse and preceding cover up by Penn State officials..

According to Freeh:

“We will immediately report any evidence of criminality to law enforcement authorities.”

Freeh’s investigation comes after faculty members on Friday called for an independent investigation after learning that two university trustees were initially going to conduct the internal investigation.

Trustee Kenneth Frazier (CEO of pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co.) said of Freeh’s investigation:

“No one is above scrutiny,” and “He has complete rein to follow any lead, to look into every corner of the university to get to the bottom of what happened and then to make recommendations that will help ensure that it never happens again.”

While Jerry Sandusky has only been accused of molesting boys into the mid-1990’s the investigation going back to 1975 will be sure to open up any other issues that may have occurred with Sandusky’s involvement with youth charity The Second Mile. Sandusky left Penn State in 1999 however his charity has continued to work closely with the university and young boys since that time.

Officials are asking anyone with information regarding the probe to phone investigators at 855-290-3382 or to email information to PSUhelp(at)

Are you pleased to hear that former FBI experts are working independently to uncover the entire Penn State cover up?