Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Winter Finale Spoilers: Which Doctor May 'Risk' It All?

Nita Hamm

If you don't want to know what to expect on Grey's Anatomy this week, then stop reading now. Otherwise, continue at your own "Risk."

Season 11 of Grey's Anatomy has already proven to be quite dramatic with one couple constantly fighting and making up, along with another calling it quits. However, in the Grey's winter finale, airing Thursday at 8 pm/7 pm CST on ABC, the drama gets ratcheted up a notch as one of doctors on Grey's Anatomy gets a devastating diagnosis.

Previews of the 8th episode of the season, entitled "Risk," shows pregnant April Kepner getting a sonogram to check on her baby. Resident Dr. Stephanie Edwards accidentally reveals the gender of her unborn child to Kepner, but there maybe something more troubling ahead for baby Kepner-Avery, or baby Japril as all you Grey's Anatomy fans may prefer.

It looks like fetal surgeon-to-be, Dr. Arizona Robbins, may get involved with the case to see if the baby is okay or if she and her mentor, Dr. Nicole Herman, need to help the baby surgically.

The International Business Times reported that the synopsis for the episode revealed that some blood may be shed during Grey's Anatomy mid-season finale cliffhanger. Along with the baby drama, Meredith and her new sister, Maggie, have a disagreement with Derek over the treatment of a patient. The disagreement means more trouble ahead for the struggling couple, but it may give Meredith and Maggie some common ground.

[caption id="attachment_1614647" align="aligncenter" width="670"]Is Grey's power couple headed for more problems? [Image via ABC] Is Grey's power couple headed for more problems? [Image via ABC][/caption]Another Grey's doctor that seems to be struggling this season, Callie Torres, feels like she has pushed one of her veteran patients too far during her project to help veteran amputees to walk again. Callie has had a hard season personally, but professionally, everything seems to be going far.

[caption id="attachment_1614643" align="aligncenter" width="670"]Are there sparks between Owen and Amelia? [Image via ABC] Are there sparks between Owen and Amelia? [Image via ABC][/caption]Should there be a new couple alert? Grey's Anatomy likes to hook up their doctors and there have been rumors that recently divorced Owen Hunt and Derek's little sister Amelia could be making eyes at each other soon. As Entertainment Weekly reported, there is a "nice moment of understanding" between the two single Grey's doctors. Amelia approaches Owen to talk about her sobriety and what it means for her job at Grey-Sloan Memorial.

There is never a dull moment on Grey's Anatomy and they've had some of the best season finales in all of television. This winter season finale will hopefully live up to its predecessors.

In other Grey's Anatomy news, there could be some cast changes coming if rumors about Patrick Dempsey are true. As the Inquisitr reported, there is a chance McDreamy could be leaving the show.

Do you believe the rumor about Dempsey? Are you anxious about the winter finale? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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