Bill Cosby’s Accuser Thinks He Should Confess and Beg Forgiveness

Despite continued silence and refusal to comment, the Bill Cosby sexual assault scandal isn’t going away. Two high-profile appearance cancellations and a runaway meme later, someone is finally weighing in on what Cosby should do to save the sinking ship of his career–one of his accusers.

Her name is Tamara Green, she is a 58-year-old retired attorney, and according to her, Bill Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her back in 1970. For most of the past 44 years, Green has been silent about her alleged sexual assault by Bill Cosby, but with the allegations back in the news, Green, and the 13 women also allegedly assaulted by Cosby during his career, are back in the spotlight and at the center of a media frenzy.

In an interview with People Magazine, Green spoke candidly about her views of Cosby, and his reaction to the allegations resurfacing. “I don’t dispute the fact the man has done much good, but he is a flawed man.”

The public is starting to see those flaws. After 40 years of love and adoration, Cosby has baffled fans and critics alike by continually refusing to speak about the sexual assault allegations.

The allegations resurfaced in October when comedian Hannibal Buress performed a stand up set in which he wondered aloud if anyone remembered that Cosby had been accused of rape not once, but thirteen times over the years. It seems the answer is no. Even though the accusations were not new, and the most recent accusation occurred only a decade ago, the stand up set went viral.

Queen Latifah and David Letterman have both cancelled scheduled Cosby appearances on their respective shows since the allegations resurfaced. Neither Cosby’s representatives, nor representatives for either television show, would comment on why the appearances were cancelled, though all parties confirmed the cancellations. The Letterman cancellation follows a public relations misstep by Cosby and his team.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Cosby’s public relations team posted a meme generator, likely intended to bolster Cosby’s image with the public and prove that he was still beloved among his fans. The results were disastrous, with many of the memes making reference to the assault allegations against Cosby. The meme generator was removed from Cosby’s website, but the meme lives on as the Twitter hashtag #CosbyMeme.

In Green’s opinion, there is one way Cosby can end the media feeding frenzy and make the bad press go away.

“I keep thinking of two words – he needs to own it,” Green says. “He needs to say, ‘I am a flawed character. I let stardom go to my head. I’m an older and wiser man and I want to apologize to the people that I have hurt.’ How hard can that be?”

If Bill Cosby were to admit to the rape allegations, would you be surprised? Would you remain a fan?

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