Scottish Teacher Accused Of Throwing Kids In River, Hitting Golf Balls At Students

James McMenemy, a former teacher at the Kerelaw school for troubled kids in Scotland has been brought up on 15 charges for violence against students.

In a competency hearing staged against the teacher he has been accused of lining students against a wall and then firing golf balls and rocks at them before throwing them in a nearby river.

A former student spoke with the Daily Mail and revealed:

“I had cuts and burns from where I was dragged to the floor.”

The student went on to note:

“There was no point complaining because this happened all the time.” and “It wasn’t just McMenemy, but a lot of them.”

The acts of violence against students was also witnessed by a Glasgow city counselor who says:

“There was an air in the senior management of ‘This is Kerelaw, we do things our own way.’ They covered for each other.”

That counselor says they also witnessed an inappropriate amount of force being used against students.

Thankfully Kerelaw school closed in 2006 but not until nearly 400 allegations of teacher bullying and outright child abuse were reported. A former art teacher has already been sentences to 10 years in prison for the physical assault and sexual abuse of various students.

Do you think officials should have acted more quickly in closing the school and bringing charges against it’s various power abusing teachers?