World of Warcraft celebrates seventh birthday next week, gets a new commercial

In less than a week, November 23 to be specific, World of Warcraft will be celebrating its 7th birthday. To celebrate World of Warcraft‘s seven years of operation, Blizzard will be showing their appreciation for the players by offering a few gifts, but you’ll need to act fast to get them.

If you log in anywhere between November 20 and December 3, you’ll be able to score yourself a Feat of Strength achievement and a Celebration Package item. When you use the package, you’ll be treated to a display of fireworks, a new tabard for you to show off, and a 7% boost in experience and reputation gains for a limited time.

Blizzard also announced a new TV ad will be airing this weekend on CBS during the Bears / Chargers game, which will undoubtedly have a guest appearance from a celebrity of some sort.

Are you still interested in World of Warcraft after seven years, or have you moved on to something else? Let us know!