Man ‘Delivered’ From Homosexuality: Proof Gay People Aren’t ‘Born That Way’?

Can you be “delivered” from homosexuality? And if so, does that mean that you’re not really “born that way,” as Lady Gaga sang?

For a young St. Louis man, who claims to be an author and student with 14 books to his credit, being gay is totally a choice. That young man, unnamed in the below video but 21 years old according to his own admission, received “forgiveness” for his homosexuality at one of the “deliverance services” held at the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) last Saturday.

The video, which runs just under seven minutes, starts with the young man at the pulpit talking to pastor Earl Carter.

“Do you believe that the Lord tonight has set you free?” Carter asks.

“Yes, sir,” the young man replies.

“Turn around and tell those people.”

“I’m not gay no more. I am delivered! I don’t like mens [sic] no more! I said I like women! Women, women, women, women! I say women! I’m not gay! I would not date a man. I would not carry a purse, I would not put on makeup. I will, I will, love a women [sic].”

Carter then instructs his congregation to “praise God” with the young man.

“Now either you gonna believe this stuff, or you ought to stop preaching it,” he adds. “If you can’t praise God with him, you’re an unbeliever. Now somebody believe God with him. We don’t just preach condemnation. We preach reconciliation.”

After a dancing session, Carter once again cuts in to the celebration of the young man “delivered” from homosexuality.

“I got a problem. He still looks like he is alone. And whether you know it or not, the Devil ain’t gonna leave him alone. I wish I had some shonuff [sic] believers who would come down here and dance with him and tell him, ‘You can do it, in the name of Jesus!'”

To wrap up, he once again turns to the young man.

“Young man, you can live for God. Satan, the Devil, is a lie. We love you, son. You understand that? We love you. You can live for God. Don’t be afraid. You trust God. Your past is just that. Behind you.”

He then questions the young man on what he does for a living and leaves it off with a blessing.

“God said he’s gonna bless you because of your commitment, and just to prove it, he told me to give you $100. He said, ‘Money is coming your way because of your newfound commitment.'” After this, another church member places money in the boy’s hand.

The video has been viewed more than 500,000 times since it was posted on November 9, and it has received a number of negative comments, many of whom don’t believe you can be “delivered” from homosexuality because you’re “born that way.”

The original poster of the video has this to say in response.

“You all keep saying that it is impossible to be delivered from homosexuality because it’s part of who you are. Right?… So if that’s the case how do you explain the people who were once heterosexual being ‘turned out’ to homosexuals? Think about it. Some women have said that after they were raped by a man they became lesbians! Others who were raped or molested as children become homosexual! Men who’ve spent a lot of time in prison usually become homosexuals! Why? Their way of thinking has been altered and changed! So my question is why is it so hard for you all to accept that someone’s mind can be changed from being a homosexual?”

A 2012 article from the Scientific American via Huffington Post takes an in-depth look at whether people are born gay and comes to the conclusion that both sides are wrong (or right, depending on your interpretation) when it comes to the inevitability of homosexuality and whether being gay is a choice.

I suggest giving that article a read before espousing facts one way or the other.

But in lieu of that, do you think it’s possible to be delivered from homosexuality? Are you happy for the young man in the video above, or do you feel sorry for him? Share your thoughts in our comments section.