Canceled TV Shows 2014: ‘The Mindy Project’ And ‘Scandal’ Could Be In Trouble Due To Low TV Ratings

Fans of The Mindy Project and Scandal could be getting some bad news — shaky television ratings could place them among the canceled shows for 2014.

Though popular among fans and both have a full season ordered, the shows could reportedly be in trouble for next season due to shaky television ratings.

In its television Deathwatch feature, Entertainment Weekly dropped the bombshell.

“One thing you’ll notice is there are remarkably few currently endangered shows. That’s not to say every green show is actually doing well or will live to see season (there are a few returning titles — like ABC’s ‘Revenge’ and Fox’s ‘Mindy Project’ — that are looking unlikely to survive to next fall given their current numbers). But for the time being, they are apparently safe from any impending action.”

This has been an interesting year for canceled TV shows. The new slate of shows made it until late October without a single cancellation, which Entertainment Weekly noted was quite unusual. Last year’s first canceled TV show came on October 4 — ABC’s Lucky 7.

The report noted that TV shows are getting more time to succeed today.

“DVR, as usual, gets some of the blame/credit. Networks are taking longer to evaluate given the steep amount of time-shifted viewing going on. Full DVR numbers take a few weeks to come in. The premiere-week episode of ‘Red Band Society’ grew a whopping 82 percent via DVR. But insiders suggest any DVR hesitation is partly cosmetic and PR driven too — executives realize they can’t keep saying publicly that everybody needs to take into consideration DVR playback rather than judging their shows off initial numbers, then axe a show before full data on a couple episodes have come in.”

But despite the predictions and the less-than-stellar ratings, The Mindy Project got a big boost not long after the report that it could be among the TV shows at risk of being canceled. Fox announced on Friday that it was ordering six more episodes for this season, bringing the once abbreviated season to a full slate of 21 shows. There was no such good news for Scandal.