An Ebola Free Nurse Doll? Maker Claims It Has ‘No Resemblance’ To Kaci Hickox

Ebola free nurse doll

An Ebola-free nurse doll has been designed and is currently available on sale for the holiday shopping season.

Time recently reported that the “untraditionally yet socially relevant” toy is officially named the Case-E Ebola Nurse Action Figure.

The Ebola-free nurse doll was designed and manufactured by Herobuilders. However, most of the controversy surrounding this particular nurse doll has to deal more with the appearance than the name.

As you can see from the picture, the Ebola-free nurse doll has curly hair and has a red “X” sewn over her right eye.

Reports claim that the doll has a strong resemblance to Kaci Hickox. Emil Vicale, president of Herobuilders, recently opened up in an interview with Time in reference to the Ebola-free nurse doll and its similarities to Kaci Hickox.

“I don’t know who you’re talking about. I don’t know who Kaci Hickox is. This nurse’s name is Case-E. She bears no resemblance.”

Kaci Hickox is the nurse who made headlines by fighting Maine and New Jersey over their controversial quarantine requirements and policies in regards to the people returning from countries affected by the disease.

The Ebola free nurse doll went on sale Monday morning for $29.95. According to the official website for Herobuilders, the action figure even comes with a “health certificate” confirming that it is a 100 percent Ebola free doll.

In the interview with Time, Vicale continued by explaining how his company originally wanted to avoid the topic of Ebola as well as what compelled them to reconsider.

“We held out and tried not to make this Ebola thing, but the story just won’t go away. So it’s like we’re being pushed to make this toy. Who knew Ebola would get my blood boiling? Get it?”

Vicale also stated that there would be a relatively limited supply of Ebola free nurse dolls sold before the holidays — approximately 500. However, the doll will be available for sale again in January.

The Ebola-free nurse doll from Herobuilders is not the first Ebola-related toy that has made headlines in recent months. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a collection of plush Ebola dolls and petri dish toys were developed by Giantmicrobes Inc. According to Reuters, that collection sold out in late October.

What do you think about the Ebola free nurse doll? Does it have a striking resemblance to real-life nurse, Kaci Hickox?

[Image Credit: BuzzFeed & Herobuilders]