Family Of Dan Ha Believes His Body Has Been Found In San Francisco Bay

Family of Dan Ha holds press conference

Although the police have not officially identified the body, family has confirmed that the body found in San Francisco Bay on Tuesday is that of missing tech worker Dan Ha. Ha has been missing since Halloween.

At a press conference, the family reported that they identified Ha’s clothing, and that the body was found with identification. According to NBC News, the family stated that they do not believe Dan Ha committed suicide, but they did not offer any other theories as to how his body ended up in the water. At this point, foul play has not been ruled out.

Joseph Ha, Dan’s younger brother, told the press, “Dan was a talented and inspirational brother, son and friend with a huge heart and brilliant mind who touched the lives of so many people. He truly loved life and lived it to the fullest. We are overwhelmed by the love and prayers of our friends and family back home and here in San Francisco.”

Dan Ha was an iOS programmer who worked at the tech start up Metromite. He had last been seen leaving his SoMa apartment on the evening of Halloween. According to SFWeekly, the last person to see Ha was his roommate, who witnessed him leaving the apartment in a rush, carrying just his wallet. He told the authorities that Ha had worked from home that day, after leaving work early because of a migraine the previous day. Police confirmed that his bank account had not been accessed in the intervening time.

On Tuesday, police were notified that a body was floating in the water around Pier 22. Fire crews and the Coast Guard pulled a body from the water around 8:30 a.m., and the body was then turned over to the office of the Medical Examiner. The ME will ultimately provide an identify of the body and determine cause of death.

The Ha family, as well as friends of Dan Ha, set up a Facebook page to attempt to locate Dan.

The Ha family said at their press conference that Dan had not left a note stating that he was going to harm himself, and he had scheduled a doctor’s appointment the day of his disappearance. He also left himself notes about tasks that needed to be accomplished in the next few days. The family posted on the page that they will be celebrating Dan’s life tomorrow morning.

[Image from CBS News]