Hermain Cain Becomes First GOP Candidate To Receive Secret Service Support

GOP primary candidate Herman Cain has become the first Republican candidate to receive a secret service detail during the current run for presidency.

While secret service details are typically reserved for “major” candidates during the last four months of a general election they can also be requested under special circumstances , such as in cases where death and other threats have been reported against a candidate or members of their immediately family.

Early secret service help isn’t unheard of, President Obama received an early detail in May 2007, months ahead of his eventual Presidency victory. Obama’s request and approval was the earliest a Presidential candidate had ever received protection since the program began in 1901 to protect President William McKinley. Presidential candidates have been able to ask for protection since the assassination of Robert Kennedy in 1968.

According to ABC News members of Herman Cain’s campaign approached Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano with the secret service request.

It’s still unclear if Cain’s sexual harassment case or other issues led to his need for secret service agents.

Do you think Herman Cain’s request for secret service protection hould have been granted if it was his own dealings in the past that led to threats against him?

[Image via Albert H. Teich / Shutterstock.com]