Toxic Tush: Transgender Woman On Trial For Manslaughter, Injected Client’s Buttocks With Lethal Mixture

You may remember her as the “Toxic Tush” suspect.

Oneal Ron Morris, pictured above, claimed she was a doctor and injected the buttocks of her “patients” with a horrible mixture of cement, bathroom caulk, tire sealant, mineral oil and super glue. Morris claimed that the injection would give her clients the full backside they dreamed of, but instead, the illegal injections resulted in necessary surgeries to repair damage, severe infection, and death.

The Toxic Tush suspect now faces seven counts of practicing health care without a license, and one count of manslaughter. If she is convicted on all eight charges, she could face up to 100 years in prison.

The first case against Oneal Ron Morris was filed in 2011, in Miami-Dade, where it became known as the “Toxic Tush” case. It was covered heavily by the media worldwide and, as a result, other victims of Morris came forward.

Valentina Lopez of Hallandale Beach claimed that the injections given to her by Morris made her sick, and that the silicone injections done on her buttocks resulted in knots that had to be surgically fixed. In fact, Lopez claimed that it took a total of seven surgeries to fix her own toxic tush.

Another of the victims who came forward was Shatarka Nuby, who said she paid the Toxic Tush suspect $2,000 for about 10 injections starting in 2007. Apparently, Morris sealed the injection sites with cotton balls and super glue.

But Nuby died in 2012, while serving time herself for identity theft. She had been convicted of stealing $20,000, which she wanted to spend on further cosmetic surgery such as breast implants and liposuction, court records indicate.

The medical examiner ruled that Nuby died of lung disease, which was directly caused by “massive systemic silicone migration” from the toxic injections given in her hips and buttocks.

Before Nuby died in prison, she had been contacting the Florida Department of Health, complaining about health problems, including the fact that her buttocks had hardened and become discolored.

Morris was charged with Nuby’s death.

The Toxic Tush suspect has just finished serving time in prison for a conviction she pleaded guilty to — practicing health care without a license — in Miami-Dade. She was sentenced to 336 days and began her time on January 7, 2014.

Morris was extradited to a different jail in a different county, where she faces the remainder of her charges, including that of manslaughter. She has been held without bond since November 5.

[Image via the Miami Herald]