Westboro Baptist Church Outdone By Texas A&M ‘Yell Practice’

The Westboro Baptist Church were met by a group of Texas A&M University students on Monday when they visited the institution.

However rather than a confrontation starting between the two posses, the students simply made sure that they drowned out the Westboro Baptist Church’s views.

The Westboro Baptist Church had picked Texas A&M University because they oppose their inclusive policies. According to the Houston Chronicle, the showdown began at 8 am on November 10 in front of the Rudder Theater Complex.

Dozens of students carrying their own placards went face to face with the Kansas based group. KBTX-TV have also revealed that they were joined by around 100 other individuals from the school who carried out an impromptu yell practice. This is a 100-year-old Texas A&M University tradition.

Steve Drain, who is a member of the Westboro Baptist Church, explained to KBTX that they were at the university because students there had been fed lies.

“Their moral compasses have been broken by their parents, their teachers and their preachers. From the time the were born, they were taught lies such as God loves everybody, and it’s okay to be gay, and it’s okay to divorce your wife and remarry another one.”

Meanwhile Meg Hale, a senior from Texas A&M, has revealed how students came together to fight the Westboro Baptist Church’s messages with their own declarations of love.

“I’m in love with my Aggies, that we brought love and peace and are doing this in a nice way. Love is the answer.”

They have created various signs, each of which they filled with phrases such as “Peace, Love and Gig em,'” “God hates no one,” and “All you need is love.” Elyssa De Caprio, who helped to organise the protest against the Westboro Baptist Church, also voiced her opposition to their arrival at Texas A&M.

“Their message is just one of pure hate, and it’s not something we want people to listen to.”

Pierce Robson, another student at Texas A&M, explained that the Westboro Baptist Church’s message had nothing to do with the Bible. Instead they took passages out of context.

“This is literally a platform for them to spew this kind of incendiary, cherry-picked hate speech that is taken completely out of context.”

It’s been reported that the Texas A&M students succeeded in their objective to keep the Westboro Baptist Church’s views from being heard, managing to drown out their anti-gay messages with their own yells and chants.

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