Delta Air Lines Loses Passenger’s Dog

Delta Air Lines is accused of losing a passenger’s dog. Frank Romano said Ty the pit bull has been missing for nearly two weeks. Although Delta admits the dog was booked on a flight from Los Angeles, California, to Tampa, Florida, they are unsure when or where he went missing.

Romano was originally told that Ty broke free from his kennel. However, he was assured that the dog was captured and being held for identification. Moments later, he was told that his dog was still missing.

Delta acknowledged the fact that Ty went missing will under their care. However, they insist “procedures were followed and the dog may have compromised the kennel on its own.” The airline provided photos, which suggest the kennel was in fact broken from the inside out. Romano disagrees.

“To me honestly, it looks like it was broken from the outside… Like the metal door was off the hinges and everything. It doesn’t look like a dog bit through that.”

Romano may never know exactly how his dog escaped. At this point, he simply concerned about Ty’s well-being. Although Romano and several Delta employees searched the airport, the dog remains missing.

In 2013, Romano adopted the 6-year-old dog from a North Hollywood shelter. Within weeks, he and Ty became inseparable.

“He’s my best friend. He would cheer me up when I was down. He would put his head on my leg or stomach and look at me with his puppy dog eyes.”

Romano is praying that his beloved friend will be found safe. He remains hopeful, as the dog was outfitted with a microchip.

As reported by Christian Post, Delta refunded the $200 pet transportation fee and sent Romano a letter of apology for losing his dog.

“Delta understands that pets are an important member of the family and regrets this occurred while this pet was entrusted to our care.”

Although he appreciated the refund and apology, Romano said he is heartbroken that Delta lost his dog in the first place. He is further frustrated, as he is unsure exactly where his dog went missing. He was initially told that Ty made his flight to Tampa. However, Delta eventually confessed that the dog ran off before boarding the flight.

As reported by ABC News, Romano is currently living in Tampa, but he is willing to “go back to LA in a heartbeat” if someone finds his dog. Unfortunately, he will have to find another airline. Although Delta apologized for losing his dog, Romano said he will never fly with them again.

[Image via CDNPH]