Michael Sam Gay ‘By Choice’? Father ‘Got Drunk’ The Day He Found Out Via Text Message

Is Michael Sam gay by choice? That’s the question being posed by Pro Football Hall of Famer and CBS Sports analyst Deion Sanders, who believes that God doesn’t make mistakes. It also turns out that Sam’s family didn’t know for certain until he announced it to the whole world.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, when Michael Sam was cut from the Dallas Cowboys, he said he would “continue to fight for an opportunity.”

The idea that Michael Sam would take on the LGBT lifestyle by choice came up when Larry King asked Deion Sanders about Sam during an interview preview on ORA.tv. Sanders responded by saying that he had spoken to Sam about the issue.

“You know what, I reached out to Michael Sam because I have a cousin who’s gay – he’s gay ever since we were kids – and, I’m not saying I condone it but I don’t condemn it. I don’t love what he do but I love him as a man. And I just wanted him [Michael Sam] to understand the burden and the weight that he’s carrying.”

When King asked Sanders whether he thought being gay was a choice, Sanders responded, “It could be… Well, we would get into God did this and God did that. The God I know don’t make mistakes.”

When BuzzFeed caught up with the NFL player’s father, Michael Sam, Sr., the conversation certainly had an interesting start. Mr. Sam point at a photo of his boy and proclaimed why he knew Michael Jr. was destined to be special.

“That boy, he had some big nuts,” Michael Sr. said. “He was big when he was born. That boy had some big-ass balls.”

While Michael Sr. did not know that his son would announce he was gay, he also said he had some hints along the way.

“He knew all of them white songs,” Michael Sr. said. “He knew country, Taylor Swift, all that stuff. I’m like, What brother knows all of them white songs? That tripped me out.”

But a giant-sized hint was dropped when Michael Sam brought home his friend Vito Cammisano, whose handshake supposedly “felt like a woman’s” according to Michael Sr.

“I told JoAnn, ‘You know, Mike ain’t bring his girlfriend but he brought this dude. That’s kinda funny,'” Michael Sr. said. “But she swore up and down that he wasn’t gay. I kept asking Mike was this boy funny? ‘No, Daddy, no. Ain’t nothing wrong with Vito,’ he’d say. [Vito] didn’t act gay then either.”

Apparently, the entire family found out about Michael Sam’s gay pronouncement via a text message.

“I could tell his PR guy wrote that message because Mike don’t talk like that. It was some bullshit. ‘I wanted to inform you that I’m gay.’ That’s all you’ve got to say?” Michael Sr. said” He texted me back, ‘Happy birthday.’ So I went out and got drunk.”

Michael Sr. says that Michael Sam distanced himself from his father after the official announcement was made. Sam’s father says he doesn’t hate his son or want him to change, but he does want to maintain some sort of relationship.

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