Future Rights To Uterus: Australian Woman Lists Uterus On eBay For A Great Cause

A woman is selling the future rights to her uterus on eBay but, as weird as that might sound, it is actually being done for a good cause. According to the New York Daily News, Australia resident April Creed, 42, is trying to raise money for her best friend who has cancer. So far, Creed has done a great job at raising awareness but no one has actually bid on her uterus (which would be scheduled for delivery after Creed passes away, or if for some reason she needs a hysterectomy before that, you’d get her insides earlier).

“I joked to someone that I’d tried selling my uterus on the black market but nobody would have it, then I thought that’s how I could get attention, so that is why I wrote it,” Creed said. She started the bidding at just over $2,000, and wrote up a hilarious description for her female body part.

Selling the future rights to one’s uterus, or any body parts for that matter, is actually against eBay’s policy. For that reason, Creed needed to update her listing. She made it quite clear that the selling of her uterus was just a way to get people’s attention in hopes that they will donate to the GoFundMe page set up for her friend. So far, $17,600 of $25,000 has been raised — so apparently her idea is working!

Even if Creed doesn’t manage to sell her uterus, reading her eBay post is worth it (and so is donating to a good cause). Creed even gave bidders some ideas of how to use her uterus.

“Imagine the possibilities! You could frame it, serve party nibbles in it, I reckon it would serve well as one of those enjo [sic] type cleaning mits [sic]. Imagine your partners face when they unwrap it at christmas [sic], scratch that. Give it to your mother in law. (Oh darling you shouldn’t have!) I think it would also make a quirky mobile phone holder.”

This isn’t the first time that someone has tried to sell a body part, either. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a Dutch man who had his leg amputated decided to preserve his limb and to have it made into a lamp. He then listed the one-of-a-kind leg-lamp on eBay (surprise, surprise), but eBay removed the listing. It is unknown if he has had any offers on the rare item since.

[Photo courtesy of eBay screen capture]