Vladimir Putin Spanks Barack Obama — In Russian Propaganda Art!

It is well-known that the relationship between United States president Barack Obama and Russian president Vladimir Putin isn’t exactly the best. Most of the time, they seem to volley power moves back and forth at each other in representation of their respective countries. The Inquisitr reported numerous times on their political squabble, such as Putin accusing the United States for “warmongering” pertaining to Ukraine. Maybe such an insult gave rise to speculation that Obama had Putin “marked for assassination.”

Still, the biggest political volleys both countries throw at each other are mostly propaganda and now there is a new propaganda attack from Russia to the United States. According to reports, an art show featured a very unique piece of art that is surely degrading for the U.S. president: Vladimir Putin spanking Barack Obama.

According to an article by Reason, it reports that caricature artists in Russia opened a gallery titled “No Filters” with the work of one hundred cartoonists. The exhibit opened in Moscow and just about all their images showed President Vladimir Putin in a favorable manner. Most of them showed Putin as either a strongman, political chess master, and/or fighting fascists and terrorists. However, the one piece that got the most attention was a conspicuously large work smack in the center of the gallery of Putin spanking President Barack Obama. To add insult to injury, Obama has the body of a little schoolboy.

The title of the artwork is Targeted Sanctions and the caption for it reads as follows.

“[‘Targeted Sanctions’ is] a jab at America’s economic strategy against Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine.”

Russian Propaganda Art
This artwork portrays U.S. president Barack Obama and Ukraine president Petro Poroshenko as peasant girls cowering in the presence of Russian president Vladimir Putin riding a tank.

There are two other works of similar nature too. One shows Vladimir Putin tugging on Barack Obama’s ear while scolding him not to “touch” Ukraine again and another shows Obama and Ukraine president Petro Poroshenko dressed as peasant girls while they cower in the shadow of Putin sitting on top of a tank in which he is asking the two the following.

“Hey girls, have you seen any fascists here?”

Western Journalism also reported on the Russian propaganda art gallery, too. They wrote that the artwork may bring a big smile to many faces — especially to Barack Obama critics — but it could also be seen as a huge embarrassment for the United States by having its president humiliated in such a dominant way by a foreigner. Right now, there are no reports on what the Obama Administration thinks about the insulting propaganda artwork.

What do you think about the Russian propaganda artwork that insults Barack Obama? Were you disgusted or did it bring you joy? Do you think the artwork is specifically an attack on the U.S. president or an attack directly to the United States?

[Images via Andrew Makhonin]

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