Slender Man Stabbing Suspect Ruled Competent To Stand Trial

Slender Man Stabbing

The Slender Man stabbing has been a hot topic for months and now a state doctor in Wisconsin has deemed that one of the two adolescent female suspects has been deemed competent to stand trial. The crime occurred back in May, when the girls wanted to appease the Internet sensation and fictional horror character Slender Man so they ended up stabbing a classmate.

According to WebProNews, the teen that has been deemed competent and is now 13-years-old was originally ruled as not fit to stand trial.

Back on May 31, the teen and a friend convinced a 12-year-old classmate to walk with them into a wooded area in Waukesha, Wisconsin, after a sleepover. It was then that they overpowered the classmate and in the name of Slender Man commenced stabbing her 19 times.

The two girls have said that the stabbing was done in honor of Slender Man.

Eventually, the victim crawled away and was then found by a cyclist who got help for her.

NBC News reported that the defense team of the girl originally argued that she “lacks the mental capacity” to fully understand the charges that have been brought against her.

Back in August, a psychologist testified that the suspect in the Slender Man stabbing is not identifying because of her age and even believes that unicorns are real. That’s not to mention that the teen also believed Voldemort from the Harry Potter series is real as well.

These are just a few of the things that the girl claimed to see and hear that others could not. This list includes Slender Man, who has been around since 2009 as an Internet meme and game.

After being deemed incompetent just three months ago, the girl was ordered to undergo psychiatric treatment so that she could stand trial in the future and face the charges of attempted first-degree intentional homicide as an adult. The other girl faces the exact same charges.

Judge Michael Bohren gave a summary of the doctor’s report at a short hearing on November 12 and the Slender Man stabbing case is going to end up moving forward. Bohren didn’t act on the report and this was even after defense attorney Anthony Cotton said he hadn’t yet had a chance to talk over the report with his young client.

The Slender Man stabbing case is going to be moving forward, but Judge Bohren did not give a time frame for when things will continue.

[Image via ABC News]