‘Drunk Girl’ In Public Asks Guys For Help: How They Respond Will Shock You

drunk girl

This “drunk girl” social experiment is definitely one that is sure to make headlines around the world — just like the New York catcalling video that went viral online last month.

In this video, a Los Angeles woman who identifies herself as “Jennifer” pretends to be a drunk girl by stumbling along the busy streets surrounding Hollywood Boulevard in broad daylight. The “drunk girl” acts as if she is publicly intoxicated, especially since she is carrying what appears to be an alcoholic beverage inside of a brown paper bag.

As she is stumbling, several men approach her and clearly try to take full advantage of her inebriated state.

For instance, after explaining that she was trying to find the bus that would take her to Culver City, the first man who approaches her aggressively presents her with another idea.

“The bus? You don’t need to take a bus. We’re going to go this way… We’re going to go somewhere else.”

When the “drunk girl” asked him where they were going, he quickly replied, “To my house. There’s a bus line at my house… There’s a bus line that goes right in front of my house.”

The same guy later added that he had a water bed at his nearby home as well.

Another man, named “J. Veezy,” initiated a conversation with the “drunk girl,” acknowledging that she must like to party since she said she was drinking beer. He then offered to “hang out” and go back to his apartment, where she could continue drinking and not have to pay anything to do so.

At one point in the video, the “drunk girl” even had two guys fighting over her briefly. The winner of that encounter did not waste any time in explaining why she made the right choice by going with him.

“You’re not going home with him, you’re coming home with me… You shouldn’t hang around with such losers.”

To end each round of this social experiment, Jennifer would “sober up” and let the guys know that she was feeling better before walking off.

It did seem like the second guy featured in the video, however, was genuine in wanting to get this “drunk girl” to the bus, even though he jokingly called her “Miss Daisy” while he did it.

This viral video of this social experiment was created by social media entrepreneur Stephen Zhang. Since it was first uploaded to YouTube on Saturday, it has already been viewed over 3.3 million times.

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