‘Girls’ Star Allison Williams Soars Into ‘Peter Pan Live’ Lead Role Amid Weight Loss Worries [Video]

NBC hopes that casting Girls actress Allison Williams in the live musical version of Peter Pan will become a ratings dream. But as the slender star takes flying lessons for the lead role, she battles anorexia and eating disorder accusations from those who contend that her weight loss has gone too far, revealed the Daily Mail.

At 26, Williams also shared the cruelest comment that she’s ever received in Allure magazine. It occurred in high school, when she slashed her hair short.

“A boy that I had a crush on said, ‘You’ve lost your aura.’ It was, to this day, the most offensive thing anyone’s ever said to me. And it was before extensions were everywhere, and I just had to muscle through it.”

But although Allison names that high school drama as the most offensive, she’s also battled controversy about the weight that she lost after the first season that she starred in Girls.

Williams defends herself by saying that the weight loss was the result of getting chubby during her college years.

“I was graduating from college — you’re college-weight,” Allison protested. “And so when we filmed the pilot for ‘Girls’ and even into that first season, I looked like someone I hadn’t looked like for four years.”

As a result, Williams contends that her current slim physique is her natural state, despite those who look at her plumper body during that first season and worry about her weight loss.

But that’s still the way it was set in people’s minds, so they’re like, ‘Oh, my God, you’ve lost weight.’ And I’m like, ‘This is just the way my body is very naturally.’ It’s a little bit stressful to know that there are a lot of people walking around who think I’m constantly just shaking and depriving myself.

However, Williams is putting the emphasis on her new role in Peter Pan Live. She’s posted several photos on Instagram, including the one below.

Allison Williams dreams of flying in "Peter Pan Live."
Allison Williams dreams of her role in "Peter Pan Live."

Allison isn’t the only familiar face from TV shows chosen to visit Never Never Land. Minnie Driver will play the Peter Pan narrator and adult version of Wendy Darling, according to the Today show.

Watch the preview below.

Others previously announced for the cast include Christopher Walken as Captain Hook, and Christina Borle playing both Smee and Mr. Darling. Kelli O’Hara will portray Mrs. Darling, with Taylor Louderman as young Wendy and Alanna Saunders as Tiger Lily. The live musical will air on December 4.

The Peter Pan Live musical marks the second year that NBC has chosen to venture into a new area that combines the feeling of a live theater production with a television show.

Last year, the network took on a revival of the theatrical version of Sound of Music Live, starring Carrie Underwood. As the Inquisitr reported, the live musical was a ratings success for NBC. However, Underwood received mixed reviews for her portrayal of Maria.

[Images Via Allison Williams Instagram – NBC]